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Thursday, April 16, 2015

3D Fiber Lash

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Scouts Good Example.

national eagle scout association outstanding eagle scout award

Today I attended a Scout Award program in our church while waiting for my oldest son in cub scout. Attending the program was not in my plan. I got curious when I heard the speaker mentioned my friends sons name (in church)  was receiving Eagle Award! I remember my husband told me that he is the only one in his family who earned Eagle Award. Must be hard..? To satisfy my curiosity, I went inside the chapel together with my 5 year old son and sat on the bench to observe. My friends son was the only one receiving award that night. His parents, friends and relatives were there. I listened to speakers and watched a short video clip of him when he was little. It was very touching and beautiful. I was moved when his father talked about his son's faith and love for the gospel. He shared how he admired his son for giving up his swimming career to be able to attend seminary. I was deeply touched and was so impressed at the young man. He is a good example to young children. Someday, I will share his story to my children. I am glad I attended the Scout Award program by accident today. I learned something very nice today.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Eye Pencil by Younique

 photo DSC_1585_zpsghcdnceg.jpg

Today I contacted one of my friends in New Jersey about the Younique make up that she wanted to buy from me for her Mother here in Texas.  Her mom who is also my friend told me that she wanted an eyebrow liner.  So, I am going to order eye pencil for her.  If you have not tried my Younique eye pencil. I recommend this product. It is smudge-proof. Dont you love putting make up on and not having to do it again because it smudge and wore off? Well, this Younique pencil is the kind of pencil you will love.
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Monday, April 13, 2015

Catching up with friends on a not so ordinary day

Today I went to one of the plants and garden stores here in Arlington. The weather was really nice but got chilly in the evening with a little bit of rain. I bought three vegetable plants today, namely, okra, tomato and zucchini. I want to try my luck planting this time. I planted flowers, vegetable plants several times but plants did not live that long. I think because I always neglect to water and clean the plants. In other words I am too busy. You know life of a mother. I also went to Lowe's to get a root stimulator. The guy I talked to at plants store advised me to put root stimulator to help the plants root grow stronger. I got so busy today. So many things in my mind. My businesses, children, husband... Life of a mom. Anyway, before I end my blog for today. I wanted to share with you that after maybe 5 or 6 years I got to talk again to my friend in Wylie. We had a good chat and it was nice that we were able to catch up a little bit. So glad that I found Younique. Because of this new business that joined in I am thinking to contact my old friends to share Younique and catch up with them.

Thursday, April 9, 2015


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Younique UK
Younique has been in business in the USA and Canada for the past several years and we’re experiencing incredible growth. (We launched into Australia and New Zealand as well in the Summer of 2013. And Younique UK launched 1 October, 2014) Tens of thousands of woman are earning a great income and/or looking better than ever before thanks to these great products.
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Younique Product CollectionAs far as the products are concerned, you and everyone you share the products with will be amazed as we have. To give you a sample of some of the Younique Products, they have:
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Friday, June 27, 2014

Any ideas?

Any ideas on how to find out all the good deals in town? Including the sale online? I am thinking to post more about saving money on this website. Sounds pretty easy, but I am not sure where to actually get all those information. Do I need to subscribe to stores I like and watch out for their sales and clearances every week? Any ideas readers? Thank you!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Movies for kids?

Have you seen the movie "Maleficent"? We watched this movie on Monday with my children. Everyone liked the story.  It is a fascinating movie for my little boy who is 4 years old. It has been a while since we watched a movie together as a family and I wish we can do that every week. This summer vacation, I am on the look out for free movies for kids. I know some movie theaters this summer are doing that. If you know any free movies, please leave a comment.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer vacay is here. What to do with your kids?

Internet has so many opportunities for a stay at home mothers like me. Whether you are looking for a work at home job, hobby or past time, internet has all the information you need. Blogging is one of my favorite things to do. I like to post photos, hobbies and whereabouts of my family. Although I have been lazy updating this website I still have and will always love blogging.This week is the last week of school and I am thinking of inexpensive activities we can do for our boys this summer. If you have any ideas please leave a comment under this page.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Back to being a stay at home mom and looking for some work at home jobs

I am back to being a stay at home mom. I love to be at home with my little children but sometimes I also miss working in an office. But I am much happier now. Anyway, I am looking for any work at home jobs that I can do. I know blogging is one of the legitimate work at homes. I would like to know if doing research or survey is legit too? Any ideas? Please leave a comment.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My daughter's dress

My daughter's blessing dress.  This is handmade with love by my mother in law.  I am impressed on how beautifully she made this crochet dress.  She is very good at crochet and have done many outfits like this for her grandchildren. This is a keepsake and a souvenir that my daughter will forever cherish. Imagine the time my mother in law spent on working this dress is truly remarkable.