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Put your best face forward

Who would not want to have beauty both in and out. I do. We do, right? They say, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That is right! But no matter how we look like, if you have inner beauty, it reflects to your appearance. Beauty is more than skin deep. Be kind and considerate, think positive thoughts, maintain your spirituality, know that you are unique and special, have inner beauty and know that we are all daughter of God.

What about outer beauty? How do we take care of ourselves as we age? This is something I do not care about until I reached the age of 30. You can begin caring your outer beauty today by taking some of these advices for a beautiful and glowing skin.

Daily Skincare Regimen

You can have a healthy-looking skin by investing just 4 minutes, 2 times every day, on your skincare routine. Combining proper skincare, eating right, exercising and managing stress gives you a more complete regimen. I myself have already committed myself to a daily skincare regimen. Every morning, it is my routine to cleanse and moisturize my face. And at the end of the day, I do the same thing. Exfoliate is also one of the best thing for our face. Two to three times a week, I exfoliate my face, it is good for you because it remove dead skin cells to stimulate cell turnover, reduce fine lines and reveal healthier, more radiant skin.

Here are some tips for Daily Care. I'm sure this will help you understand more about face daily care routine.

Cleanse : Never go to bed without removing your make up. Cleanse your face to remove your make up, dirt and oil helps unclog pores and control break ups.

Tone: Use a mild toner to remove extra make up, dirt and grime. It minimizes the appearance of pores, restore pH balance and prepare skin for moisturizer.

Moisturizer: Choose a moisturizer designed for your age and specific skin type.

Protect: This is my favorite. When I learned how UV rays hurt our skin especially on our face, I immediately ran to my favorite beauty store and bought an SPF 55 with age shield protection. I know that being in the early 30's like me, have to act and do something to keep my face look younger at all times. Use a moisturizer with Sun Protection Factor 15 or higher everyday, ( I use 55! ) regardless of the season. Continuous direct or indirect exposure to the sun (even through your car's closed window) can cause premature like spots and potentially, skin cancer. Apply SPF at least 20 minutes before sun exposure and reapply often especially when swimming.

Hydrate : Drink plenty of water. Water is the most plentiful substance in the body, accounting for 50-70% of total body weight. Drink water and establish a healthy diet rich in antioxidants to promote healthy skin.


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