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Real work at home jobs

I am truly worried about the gas price. I wonder if the price will continue to go up. With the price of the gas right now, I am so thankful for the job at home that I am enjoying right now. And I wish I could work for more hours. But since I do a lot of things like taking care of my almost 3 yr old son, who is very active and needs attention most of the time, I have a house to clean and other errands to do everyday. I also have blog sites to update :) While thinking of other things that I can post on my site, Working at home jobs came across to my mind. Technology is opening up new opportunities for parents and others who want to work at home. Finding and landing legitimate, profitable work still isn't easy, but here are a few venues to try:

A call center in your home

You hear a lot about companies routing their customer-service calls to workers overseas, but a less-noticed trend is the growth in home-based call-center workers. The number of such workers in North America has tripled since 2000, according to an estimate by research firm Yankee Group, with more than 670,000 phone agents in the United States and Canada now working at home.

Online auctions

Online auction sites have helped people do more than empty their attics (or fill them up again). The largest online auction site, eBay, says 1.3 million of its 212 million registered users are "professional sellers" who report the site is a primary or secondary source of income. That's almost double the number of pro sellers from a year earlier.

Mystery shopping, survey taking and 'piece work'

Mystery shopping and survey-taking opportunities have been around for a while.
"Mystery shoppers" are typically paid $5 to $100 per assignment to pose as average customers and then critique a store or service. The range for filling out surveys or participating in focus groups can be even wider, from a few bucks to a few hundred bucks a shot.As with other work-at-home jobs, applicants need to be prepared to start small and work their way up. Research companies look for reliable, articulate, detail-oriented people and tend to reward the ones who consistently perform well.

Other home-based businesses

There's not much high-tech about home-based businesses such as child care, house-sitting, dog walking and errand running. But classified advertising sites such as Craigslist and Expo can help you easily and cheaply connect with potential customers.

Before you launch any business, research your community's license and insurance requirements. And if you are looking for an online job at home, research more about the company's legitimacy before you start.


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