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Miss Universe 2008

I am an avid fan of Miss Universe pageant shows, but for some reason this year I forgot to watch and record the show. Still I am confident that I can watch the show somewhere on the internet. So it was, Miss Venezuela who won the crown this year. The new Miss Universe, Dayana Mendoza, was once kidnapped in her homeland and says the experience taught her to remain poised under pressure. I thought she's pretty and smart. However, Miss USA falls down for second year in a row. Crystle Stewart Miss USA 2008, is from my home state, Texas, she tripped on the train of her bejeweled evening gown as she made her entrance. But she quickly stood up after her fall as if nothing happened. Aside from her outer beauty, Miss USA is a brainy woman and a motivational speaker who is working on a book called "Waiting to Win" She is very smart and articulate. Her fall is an accident. People should not laugh at her, we tripped down in our lives too.


Chubskulit Rose said…
I just wish that Ms. Philippines make it thru top 5 or even 10.. Me and hubby watch it too.
Anonymous said…
I heard that Miss America slipped again hahaha...
ooo, she fell, but she stood up again. We should cheer for her for her toughness.

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