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Right now, It's raining hard here in our area. I was just thinking what would happen if the rain did not stop for a few days, and it flooded. Things like that can happen especially for those houses that are in the Flood zone. But if you are prepared for any natural disasters that may occur in your lives, you're a little bit secure. Like having a flood insurance. I know a lot of people think it is not necessary that's why thirty-two percent of survey respondents claim that flood insurance is “unnecessary”- while statistics show that the demand for flood insurance fluctuates with the occurrence of major U.S. hurricanes. For me, It is necessary to have a flood insurance, especially for those people who live in flood zone. There are lots of flood insurance that you can get online or even in your area, but I would like to recommend to you. hey have over 16 years of experience in the home insurance industry and a 12 time winner of the coveted Top in Country award, and because of that, they are one of the top-quality home insurance coverage for homeowners across the country. So visit their website and get home insurance quotes for your home.

Press Release:

Wilmington, N.C.( October 13, 2008-- In a survey on, 32 percent of polled homeowners responded that flood insurance, despite a home’s location, is ‘unnecessary’. Fifty-two percent of homeowners responded that flood insurance was only necessary to protect coastal homes. The lack of concern for flood insurance coverage might be due to the minimal number of hurricanes making landfall in the U.S. in 2007.

“After a major hurricane (or an earthquake), there is an uptick in the purchase of these types of coverages. Then the take-up rate starts to slow down the following year as people’s fears start to diminish. They quickly “forget” about a hurricane,” said Loretta Worters, Vice President of the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.)

Data from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) shows that flood insurance awareness has varied over the years in almost a direct correlation with some of the major hurricane landfalls in the United States. For a five year period prior to Hurricane Ivan and Hurricane Katrina’s U.S. landfall, the number of flood insurance policies would increase on average by about 1.5 percent each year.

In 2005 however, the year after Hurricane Ivan hit the Gulf Coast and eastern seaboard, the number of flood insurance policies in force rose by 6.31 percent. More dramatically, the number of flood policies in effect went up 11.14 percent in 2006- the year following the number one flood event for NFIP payout in the history of the U.S. -- Hurricane Katrina. Likewise, the percent increase in flood policies went back to normal in 2007 with only a 2.5 percent increase from 2006 when there were not any substantial flood damages reported.

“Many people do not realize that floods, including inland flooding, flash floods and seasonal storms, occur in every region of the United States”, said Worters. “We continually look to remind people that standard homeowners and renters insurance does not cover flood damage. Flood damage is excluded under standard homeowners policies. Only a flood insurance policy, available to homeowners and renters through the federal government, will cover flood-related losses.”

The Midwest Floods that occurred in June of 2008 were a frightening example of how flood damage can occur anywhere, without any notice. A levee burst in Gulfport Illinois covering the small town in approximately 10 feet of water. As flood waters began to recede a gruesome number surfaced --28 -- the number of property owners that were insured against their losses.

Homeowners who would like more information about purchasing flood insurance and accessing their risk should visit the NFIP’s website:

Flood policies increase after major U.S. Hurricanes make landfall

Year Policies in force Percent Increase
at end of year*
1996 3,693,076 6.22%
1997 4,102,416 11.08%
1998 4,235,138 2.24%
1999 4,329,985 2.24%
2000 4,369,087 0.90%
2001 4,458,470 2.05%
2002 4,519,799 1.38%
2003 4,565,491 1.01%
2004 4,667,446 2.23%
2005 4,962,011 6.31%
2006 5,514,895 11.14%
2007 5,653,949 2.52%

*Source: U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Increase in Flood Policies by Year Hurricanes and Related Deaths by Year

Year U.S. Landfall
Hurricanes Total Hurricanes Deaths **
1999 2 8 60
2000 0 8 4
2001 0 9 42
2002 1 4 5
2003 2 7 24
2004 6 9 59
2005 7 15 1,518
2006 0 5 0
2007 1 6

**Source: Insurance Information Institute from data supplied by the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and National Hurricane Center. has been providing top quality customer service and home insurance information to homeowners and insurance professionals since 1992. For competitive home insurance quotes from the top home insurance companies in the country--visit

Contact: Carrie Van Brunt
Director of Marketing and Public Relations
1-910-452-1000 x 1043


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