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Put your best face forward

Who would not want to have beauty both in and out. I do. We do, right? They say, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That is right! But no matter how we look like, if you have inner beauty, it reflects to your appearance. Beauty is more than skin deep. Be kind and considerate, think positive thoughts, maintain your spirituality, know that you are unique and special, have inner beauty and know that we are all daughter of God.

What about outer beauty? How do we take care of ourselves as we age? This is something I do not care about until I reached the age of 30. You can begin caring your outer beauty today by taking some of these advices for a beautiful and glowing skin.

Daily Skincare Regimen

You can have a healthy-looking skin by investing just 4 minutes, 2 times every day, on your skincare routine. Combining proper skincare, eating right, exercising and managing stress gives you a more complete regimen. I myself have already committed myself to a daily skincare regimen. Every m…