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Good Clinic

Most of the clinics require patients to have an appointment to see a Doctor. But what if you have minor condition that needs to be treated right away? Can you just go to your Doctor's clinic and wait for your turn to be checked up? Some clinics accept patients without appointment but most clinics don't. I have several experiences being rejected by our own Dr because we do not have appointment with them, which is understandable because that is their policy. When my son was a baby he always have minor condition that needs to be treated right away like, cough and cold that bothers him at night, high fever, etc.. When things like that happen to you child and you do not know what to do, the first thing that would come up to your mind is to call your child's Doctor (which is the clinic), Of course in the middle of the night they are not available and you would just leave a message and wait a return call. Sometimes this practice upsets me. But I could not do anything. Many tim…

1, 2 Click!

Photography is one of my favorite things to do. I always wanted to bring my camera where ever I go and take pictures of anything that would capture my interest. My son would always be my subject. I take pictures of him like crazy! He's used to it and, sometimes, get tired of me taking pictures of him all the time.

With my barely new Sony cybershot camera, I can really take good pictures. It can shoot dramatic close-ups and sharp fast-action shots. It is a Carl Zeiss 15X optical zoom and Advanced Sports Mode with high shutter speed, that are perfect for crisp long shots and excellent detail when shooting at sporting events. It is a Super Steady Shot image stabilization and high-sensitivity (ISO 3200) mode reduce blur when shooting without a flash and Face Detection technology brings out the best in faces! I can also manually control the exposure and focus of my Sony Cybershot making it ideal for more artistic shots. And with its HD (high definition) output, photos can look even …

Mariah's bye bye song

Have you heard Mariah Carey's "Bye bye song" ? It is a single released from her Album entitled E=MC2. The song is written by Mariah and appears to be about her deceased father. Mariah Carey extends this song about death to be for anybody who just lost somebody they truly care about and those who lost someone they hate, you still end up either feeling gulity or missing them. She believed that by making "Bye Bye", everybody could kind of be healed by the song and have their own experience listening to it.

I myself love this song, It reminds me of my dad who passed away when I was 17 yrs old. The part that I really like in this song was " You never got a chance to see
how good I've done, And you never got to see me back at number one, I wish that you were here to celebrate together, I wish that we could spend the holidays together"

Critics said that this song appears to be basic for an artist like Mariah Carey. But the song has received an over…

Ride-share Web sites

Due to the continued skyrocketing of gas prices across America, people are thinking ways to save money. One of the things people consider to save gas is "carpooling". I came across to this website that connects people with other commuters in the area for a safe, secure carpool experience. They match for your commuting route, whether it is to work or some other destination. This ride-share Web sites offer free services that resemble online dating services: They target people looking to establish relationships, they make
participants submit a personal profile, and they play matchmaker in the hopes that people will hit it off and start riding together.

Here are the websites that I found online.

Another site, targets parents trying to arrange carpools for children's group activities.

I haven't tried any of these, I'm not sure if I will like it. The idea of riding to somebody's car whom you do not know is very…

Sun Shields

Do you know that skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the U.S? There's strong evidence that excessive sun exposure raises the risk of melanoma, the deadliest form of the disease. According to the American Cancer Society, there will be about 62,000 new cases of melanoma in 2006, and nearly 8,000 will die of the ailment. When I learned about Sun rays that could damage our skin, I bought sunscreen with SPF 55, has age shield, water proof, sweat proof and agents that would keep my skin safe from any skin problems. I also learned that regardless of the weather, we have to use sunscreen when we go outside. I thought this is a pretty interesting topic that I could blog about. Here are more of what I learned about sun rays and how we can protect our skin:

Sunscreens. Sunscreen is a highly recommended defense against sunburn and skin cancer. It is now available in lotions, creams, ointments, gels, wax sticks, and spray. Some have glitter and tint, too.

What's the best kind…

Real work at home jobs

I am truly worried about the gas price. I wonder if the price will continue to go up. With the price of the gas right now, I am so thankful for the job at home that I am enjoying right now. And I wish I could work for more hours. But since I do a lot of things like taking care of my almost 3 yr old son, who is very active and needs attention most of the time, I have a house to clean and other errands to do everyday. I also have blog sites to update :) While thinking of other things that I can post on my site, Working at home jobs came across to my mind. Technology is opening up new opportunities for parents and others who want to work at home. Finding and landing legitimate, profitable work still isn't easy, but here are a few venues to try:
A call center in your home

You hear a lot about companies routing their customer-service calls to workers overseas, but a less-noticed trend is the growth in home-based call-center workers. The number of such workers in North America has tr…

Wise Dancers

The Wise Performing Arts Guild and the dancers of Wise Dance Center presented "Pocahontas" on Saturday, June 14, at the Decatur High School Theatre. My sister in law is one the dancers who performed well during that day. With my mother in law, I was able to watch their 2 and a half hours ballet dance show. I thought it was a good performance, however, I enjoyed the previous years performances more than this year. Katelin Murphy, (shown on the picture) who portrayed as "Pocahontas" looked very pretty and danced gracefully that night. There were also little girls who performed on that show. And whenever they dance on the stage, the audience could not help to smile and clap. Little girls on the show look really cute on their glittery outfit especially when they try to leap. Everyone did great on their performances! Congratulations to Karen Smith who directed the show, she is really an inspiration to her dancers!