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Showing posts from June 22, 2008

Pilates at home

Pilates is one of my favorite exercises to maintain and develop physical fitness. I have a pilates DVD that my friend gave to me along time ago, and I love doing that exercise at home. I try to do it at least 3 times a day despite of my hectic schedule. What I like about this exercise is it improves your mental and physical well-being, increases flexibility, and strengthens muscles. My family knows that when it is time for me to exercise, they have to leave the living room or go somewhere else. My son, sometimes, would not leave the room and would also put his shoes on and participate in my exercise. That's funny! Mat exercise is one of my favorite workouts and training. This exercise works all of your abdominal muscles: the six-pack rectusabdominis, which runs down your center; the waist-defining obliques, which wrap around your sides; and the deep transversusabdominis, which is often missed in traditional ab workouts. If you are looking for an interesting exercise that you can d…

Nelly's homecoming

One of my friends named Nelly came home from their family vacation in the Philippines on Monday evening. So my other friend, named Gigi and I went to see her this morning to chat and get the stuff she had for us. I was so excited to see and chat with her after her 3 week vacation in the Philippines. When we got to her house, I ran to see her in the kitchen and gave her a big hug. Although she looked tired, she still managed to entertain us. After a short chit chat, she gave me the stuff that she had for me from the Philippines. I opened the bag and saw snacks that I used to eat back home in the Philippines. I got excited when I saw "ding dong" and "boy bawang". They are corn nuts and mixed nuts that have a garlic flavor. Although I can buy those nuts in any Asian store here in my city, the nuts that she bought for me from the Philippines are a little taste of home. I also got some dried fish ( i know it sounds nasty, but it's really good! hehe) and a bracelet …

The beauty of wild flowers

This picture was taken when we were about to leave the park where Samuel play most of the time in the afternoon. This flower caught my attention while walking on the sidewalk of the parking lot. The flowers look like an ordinary plants that you can see on the freeway, so I did not pay much attention to it. But since I was holding a camera then, I took a picture of it. As I zoom the lens of my camera I saw the beauty of this wild flower. I took more pictures of them and thought I could make a post about wild flowers and the beauty behind it.

In our lives sometimes we ignore things that look ordinary or normal. Like what happened to me I did not care much about this flower blooming on the sidewalk until I look at it closely. I can compare this to a person looking at the appearance of somebody. Sometimes. we look at the outside beauty of a thing or person. But look closely, look at the inside and know the beauty of each and everyone you know. Like humans, each flower and each petal …


Everyone of us has their own way to relax and give their body and mind a chance to heal. Some people do, massage, aromatherapy, music therapy, meditation and some other forms of relaxation to restores harmony and helps to create conditions for optimum living. As a mom, I deal with day to day stresses and minor everyday pressures. Sometimes, I worried how stresses affect my body. Yesterday while we were at my in laws house, I tried my father in law's shiatsu or home massage chair. (I do this whenever I visit them.) As soon as the shiatsu roll on my back, I felt some muscle pains, and realized how stiff my muscles were! After some massages on my upper back and neck, I felt some release of muscle tensions. It was a pretty good massage, Now I've been thinking to buy a chair massage like that for myself and Jason. I'm sure shiatsu home chair massage will help my back free from muscle tightness. But, we'll see.