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Showing posts from June 29, 2008

Samuel can swim

Samuel can now swim by himself as long as he has a life vest on. This picture was taken at my friends house on Independence day. We swam at Belen's pool till evening and had a great time. See more stories at my other blogsite at lifeandhealer.

A parade of love and support

Okay, here are some of the pictures that I took yesterday from the parade here in our city. Lots of people joined in this parade and I was so thrilled to see them wearing different amusing costumes, superb floats and great bands. You will really see in the parade how people commemorate and honor the day when this country was born. I felt their love, and endless support for the country. No wonder why this country was called the land of the free and the home of the brave, they never fail to continue to serve and protect this great nation.

Happy Birthday America!

It is Independence Day today! National holiday of the United States of America commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Each year, Americans celebrate that freedom and Independence with barbecues, picnics and family gatherings. To celebrate this momentous day, we are going to watch the parade here in our city, And I am excited for that! I'll take lots of pictures today and show you later the happenings that are going on in our city. And in the afternoon, we're gonna have a swimming party at my friends house, It's gonna be fun! Its the time to celebrate the democracy of this country. This country is truly an inspiration to other nations. Imagine every day, thousands of people leave their homeland to come to the land of the free and the home of the brave so they can begin their American dream. So let's celebrate the birth of this country, we are so blessed to be part of thi…

Police Gears

Are you looking for some real good deals on police Tactical Assault Gear Well this Independence day is the best time to shop. Whether you are a police officer or not, you can really find neat police gear on theLA Police gears website. I checked this website and I saw some really nice tactical shorts, pants and shirts. They also have surefire flashlights, (I heard they are the best flashlights in the world. I'm sure my husband would love to have one like that.), footwear and boots. I read alot of good comments about LA Police gears products. Customers are very satisfied on their good quality products and good customer service. Their products are cool and awesome. Check out their website (La Police gears), you'll find cool stuff for your self or for your friend. I will definitely visit their website again and check those surefire flashlights.

Good deals on Independence day

Yesterday, I was at the mall to find a Thomas the train shirt for my son. Samuel loves train especially Thomas the train so I thought that would be a great shirt for him on his birthday. At the mall I visited JC Penney and Dillards. I was surprised to see their sale for this 4th of July weekend. JCPenney has 75% off and Dillards has additional 30% off permanent markdowns. Inside Dillards, I noticed a bunch of Ladies go crazy on a certain product. I went closer to look at what these ladies are crazing for, and found out that they are after coach bags. I understand, how they wanted to avail the price of the bag this Independence day sale. A good size leather coach bag would cost from $ 300 up, So if they could get a discount of 60% or more, then that would be a good deal. I visited other stores too and they all have good deals this Independence day weekend. I found the shirt that I am looking for, for my son and I got a good price. I think Independence day weekend sale is one of t…

Paper, Plastic, or Cloth

How many times has this happened to you or someone you know? You are putting your purchases in your vehicle or just trying to get them into your house when all of the sudden “SNAP” the plastic handle breaks or a hole somewhere in the bag causes all of your purchases to plummet to the ground. What happens if the purchases are fragile like a glass bottle or some fruit or just maybe those dozen eggs you need to cook the cake for your child’s special birthday cake you have been planning for months?Since the eggs are BUSTED you have to return to store and buy more wasting you valuable time. Well, what if there was a way you could get all of those fragile purchases home with out wondering if the bag or bags is going to make it or not. Well, let me tell you there is a better way. This better way is with sturdy mesh grocery bags made of cotton mesh woven from strong string. These sturdy mesh grocery bags are great eco-friendly replacements for standard tear apart plastic grocery bags. There…


Yesterday evening, we were visited by one of the men in our church, our home teacher. Every month he try to visit us. And whenever he come by, he give lessons about spirituality and see to it that everything is fine with us. Yesterday was one of the unforgettable visits he did. He talked about obedience and he shared some stories that really inspired me and pierced my soul. One of the stories that I really like about obedience is "Noah and the flood in the Old Testament". I am sure you know the story already. When the people became wicked and they would not listen to the Lord during the time of Noah the Lord decided to fill the earth with water and remove all wickedness. Because Noah and his family were the only ones that listen they were the only ones protected from the flood and blessed with prosperity. In my life, I also have experiences from being obedient and disobedient. Its simple, if you obey the commandments we will be blessed. I am not only talking about the Lo…

Jason's exercise

I took this picture while Jason was playing softball with some of the men in our church ward yesterday at Randol Mill Park here in Arlington. Of course, Samuel and I went to watch the game. There were also some other families watching, and I was able to chat with some of them. Samuel played with the ball with some other kids and had fun with them. Although, it was really hot, we enjoyed watching the game and had fun time at the park. Jason loves to play games like soft ball. He said that he would rather play sports than exercise. I think that he's just being lazy when he says that. So if you need an extra player for your games, do not hesitate to let me know and I will send him your way free of charge!