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Mariah's Touch my body

I love Mariah Carey and I love most of her songs! The two songs that were recently released from her E=MC2 album are, Bye Bye and Touch my body. In my previous post, I mentioned how I like the song Bye Bye. "Touch my body" is cute, sexy and sweet. I've seen the music video of this song and it has a combination of comedy and fantasy. In that video, Mariah look more beautiful than she has ever looked. It's a cute video though she showed to much of her body. This song got positive reviews and became Mariah Carey's 18th #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100. You might want to see her video here.

Fannie May Candies

Chocolate is one of my favorite things to eat. Although I try not to eat a lot of it, but if I have chocolate covered nuts or I am somewhere and there is chocolate covered nuts there, then I find myself eating some. I also like exploring different chocolate candies, especially gourmet chocolate candies such as chocolate truffles. I know an online store that sells gourmet chocolates, the store's name is Fannie May, They are famous in selling fine chocolates and has a lot of candies to choose from. They have boxes of chocolates including gourmet and you can create your own assortment to satisfy your cravings. They have also, no sugar added chocolates, cheesecake, chocolate fudge, chocolate truffles, and nut selections. Yummy. I am now craving for their chocolate candy with almonds. I have to check their website again. If you love chocolates as much as I do then check out Fannie May website asap.

Love this device

Have you heard about magic jack? Well, If you have high telephone bills, this is the answer. Magic jack is a small device that you will just plug into any household phone and USB port on the computer. Once you plug it, you will be able to connect to your loved ones anywhere in the US and Canada for free! That's amazing! My mom in the Philippines has been using this for a couple of months now, and believe me, it has no charge or any fees! You will just buy the product for $20 and another $20 per year by using magic jack. Its so cheap! With magic jack, I can talk to my Mom and friends free and unlimited.

Halloween Costumes- It's never too early!

Halloween costumes

Gosh, Can you believe that we are already in the seventh month of the year? I couldn't believe how time flies! Summer will be over soon and kids will be going back to school. The next holiday that will come is Halloween. I kinda like this occasion. It's so fun to dress up yourselves with your favorite super hero or character costumes. My son last year had a costume of Buzz light year. He really loves that costume! I love that costume too for him. This year, I am not sure what costume he would want to wear. But you know what, I know a store that has a lot of great costumes and accessories for Halloween, this store is called Halloween costumes. I saw a cowboy costume in their website and I thought it is really cute. I think my son would love that cowboy or Woody outfit. For myself, I like the fairy tale costume. I think I will look good on that :) I also like the Alice girl costume too, that is sooo cute! and it is perfect for mom who wants to look younger. …

Up 2 Drive

Buying a car is one of the most important decisions we do in our lives. That's why aside from looking a good car deal, we also want to find somebody whom we can rely on when it comes to auto financing. Often times, automotive financing can seem overwhelming because you may feel you don’t have all the information. You may feel that someone else is making decisions for you. I found a website called up2drive. Up2drive is an auto loan specialist where you can make online auto loans. They finance all makes and models. Up2drive seem to have a very promising auto financing programs. Imagine you can be in control of your automotive financing options, with up2drive you can negotiate the sale price of the vehicle with the seller or dealer as if you had cash on hand. This means you can determine not only the kind of vehicle you want to buy but the amount you want to pay which ultimately determines your monthly payment. Wow, that's wonderful! I wish I've known this website before…

Philippines Earthquake Prediction, Is it a hoax?

I talked to My mom on the phone last night, and she mentioned to me about a man named JUSELEENONOBULEGADaROOSE, a Brazilian who predicted Princess Diana’s Death and now predicting Philippines will have an Earthquake with a magnitude of 8.1 and would kill thousands of people on July 18, 2008! This humor has been spreading around in the Philippines for the past few weeks. Whether it is true or not, Honestly I got scared. So, immediately, I searched his name on the Internet to know who this man predicting things like that. Based on the information that I gather on the Internet, this guy JUSELEENONOBULEGADaROOSE, is an alleged prophet who always make predictions. This year he made 120 predictions. Some were fulfilled, most of them were not. I think he is just someone who loves to play the probability and statistics. He would make lots of predictions, and the more predictions he make the better chances of getting his predictions fulfilled. I looked at his 120 predictions but I did not se…

Ultimate Paintball

Okay guys, Have you tried playing paint ball guns? Well, I bet this game is so fun to play with. Whenever we visit my in laws and pass by a paint ball gun game place, I always told my husband how I wanted to try that game. I found a website online that sells stuff for paint ball game. This website is called Ultimate Paintball. They sell Tippmann, Spyder, Smart Parts, Dye, Empire, Draxxus paintball gear plus many more brands which you can find on their website. I did not know that there are lot of things that you can use to make paint ball gun game more exciting until I found Ultimate Paintball website. Wow! Their top selling guns are Tippmann A-5, Tippmann 98 Custom, Smart Parts Ion, Spyder Pilot ACS! They offer free shipping so you can really get a good deal! I am really interested in this game so I am definitely going to check more of their guns and stuff, and try play paint ball guns. Check their website and explore the great stuff that they sell. BT Paintball guns

Miss Universe 2008

I am an avid fan of Miss Universe pageant shows, but for some reason this year I forgot to watch and record the show. Still I am confident that I can watch the show somewhere on the internet. So it was, Miss Venezuela who won the crown this year. The new Miss Universe, Dayana Mendoza, was once kidnapped in her homeland and says the experience taught her to remain poised under pressure. I thought she's pretty and smart. However, Miss USA falls down for second year in a row. Crystle Stewart Miss USA 2008, is from my home state, Texas, she tripped on the train of her bejeweled evening gown as she made her entrance. But she quickly stood up after her fall as if nothing happened. Aside from her outer beauty, Miss USA is a brainy woman and a motivational speaker who is working on a book called "Waiting to Win" She is very smart and articulate. Her fall is an accident. People should not laugh at her, we tripped down in our lives too.

Another day in the water park

This picture was taken last Friday, July 11 at Randol Mill Water Park. They are my friends children, except for the one facing away from the camera who is my son, Samuel. In my previous post, I mentioned how nice this water park is. So my friends and I went there again and took our kids to swim and have fun in the water. The park is perfect for kids, because of the shallow water play structure designed for little children. Our children had so much fun there. That's why when it is time to go home, they did not want to leave, especially my son, who really loves water! Summer is not over yet, so we will probably come back in this water park again to enjoy and have fun with the kids!