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We need a Vacation

If you haven't planned a vacation with your family yet, then you need to visit this website about vacation planning and social networking services called helps you plan a vacation and saves vacations. They will also help you with your last minute vacation rentals or least expensive homes. Visit their website and you'll find it very interesting, Aside from its planning vacation services, they have also social networking in their website where you can invite and share your vacation plans with your friends and relatives. And with their easy to use tools, you will be able to rank your favorite properties within their vacations, and share comments and thoughts about choosing which properties to rent. And one of the things that you will like in their website is they have a video, so as homeowners add video to their listings, vacationers can see more of the properties they are considering renting. It adds a whole new level of emotion for th…

August already

It is hard to believe it is August already! And school will start soon. I am glad, my son is not a schooler yet until next year. I still have 1 more year to spend a lot of time with him. Thinking Samuel will be a schooler next year makes me feel sad and excited. I guess that is normal for mothers like me. Mothers do not want to be away from their children, but we have to let them grow, open new doors and take new challenges. This is the work of growing up.

Build your website here

Thinking about building a website for your business? Are going to need hosting for it? Then let me share with you a leader in providing "shared web hosting" for small businesses called Concentric Business Solutions. Concentric offers a wide range of web and email hosting accounts to grow with you through every phase of your business. Plans are flexible, allowing you to start small and upgrade to the next level easily. So this is great for people who have businesses. When you register an account with them you'll get features such as domain name registration, email hosting, web hosting, and freebies like spam filters and virus protection. That is great, Isn't? My husband and I loves to try different online businesses, and I am thinking about trying Concentric next time. I can also recommend this great website to my friends who just started a business. Because of its great services and features, who would not want to register an account with them.Their accounts are…

To all of you

To all my readers, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for believing in me. You guys are my inspiration.

Upscale Menswear

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Slide Sam

Samuel and I went to the park yesterday, not far from where we live, about 5 minutes drive. Before he played in the water, he played on the play ground. We both had fun yesterday because it was not too hot.

Look younger with Chantal Ethocyn

Are you one of those people who wanted to get rid of those unwanted signs of aging? Do not worry because Dr. Chantal Burnison will help you regain your youthful appearance with the use of her Ethocyn line. Dr. Chantal Burnison of Chantal Pharmaceuticals specializes skin-rejuvenating molecule by using their very own product line called Chantal Ethocyn, which is very effective in preventing wrinkles and reducing the appearance of previous wrinkles. Why effective?, because Chantal Ethocyn and their other anti aging products causes skin to change on the molecular level and stimulate the production of elastin fibers, which are essential in maintaining the skin's elasticity. By restoring the presence of these elastin fibers, this product helps users regain their youthful appearance. A lot of scientists and cosmetologists admired her prized discovery which remains a best-selling anti-aging treatment that is safe and affordable! I checked her websites and saw a lot of anti-aging beau…


This is Peanut, my mother in laws youngest horse. She loves horses, and so Jason too. I don't know but I am a bit scared of horses, maybe because they are so big and strong. But my son loves to be around with them. I guess, I'll just take pictures of the horses with my boys.

Cord blood bank with Cryo-Cell

Technology has been a great part of saving many lives, Like the cord blood banking, who would have thought that a stem cells from umbilical cord blood can treat over 70 diseases including including leukemia, anemia, lymphoma, diabetes and cerebral palsy. In the United States, about 30,000 people are diagnosed with a disease that can be treated with cord blood stem cells. And by the year 2015, there will be 10,000 cord blood transplants world-wide per year using publicly banked cord blood. Cryo-cell is a Cord blood bank that helped over 155,000 families preserve their new born's umbilical cord blood for potential use against many diseases, It is one of the largest and most established family Cord blood banks. A lot of people do not fully understand yet the value of cord blood and the benefits that their children can get in the future. But with cryo-cell, you will know everything about this once in a lifetime opportunity to preserve your baby's cord blood. The more you learn…

Fly helicopter

A helicopter toy that our husbands were crazing about.

Resveratrol helps human cancer victim

I found an online community forum about resveratrol, a medicine that has been said to cure cancer. This online community forum organization unites people that has 4 months to live! In this resveratrol forum, they talk about the benefits of resveratrol in their lives. It has been speculated to cure cancer, but this is the first time it will be tested publicly. I've read some of the members post in their forum, and it seems like a lot of people believe in the effectiveness of resveratrol in cancer. Some forum members of are joining in to provide one of their own who has less than 4 moths to live, a large supply of resveratrol for him to try mega-dosing the cancer out of his body. No one knows if it will work at all. But at least one member has seen her dogs win against cancer using resveratrol, and believes it can be done. I've read another article about resveratrol pre clinical/clinical studies, and its role to prevent and cure cancer. It says in the studies that r…

The wondrous lemon grass

When we visited our Vietnamese friend in Azle last Saturday, She prepared a lemon grass juice. I'm curious about its taste so I sip a little bit. The taste was just ok. It tastes lemon and grass. Ha ha! :) If you do not know what lemon grass is, it is an herb that most Asians like Vietnamese, Thailand, Malaysia associate with their food to give some citrus and ginger flavor. It is also known as citronella, but only few people know that. I got more interested on this grass like green leaves when Loan, our Vietnamese friend explained that it has a lot of health benefits. The one that she mentioned was, it can be used as a remedy for fever and cold. That's awesome. Honestly, I did not like much the taste, but when I heard that it has a lot of health benefits. I took some leaves and boiled it at home. I searched more about this grass like green leaves -lemon grass or citronella as most commonly known and found a list of its health benefits. Here are some that I gathered, lemo…

Personal loans

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