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Someting I've been pondering

It's back to school time, but hey! My son is not a schooler yet. Not until next year! I am thinking to enroll him in any kind of Art lessons, just for fun, for some few weeks. Wondering why art? Well, maybe because I love art and I know art is good for kids. Let me share you some reasons that I know why art is good for kids. If you encourage your kids to explore art they are more likely to do well in Math - one of the difficult subjects for me when I was in college. Art develops hand-eye coordination, which is important for young kids. It also helps children express themselves emotionally, It develops pride, imagination, make the world a more beautiful place, teaches them patience, focus, and learn to look at things from more than one viewpoint. Most of all, creating art makes a child happy! Who would not want their children to be always at their best and be on top of everything. As a mom, I never stop thinking of things that will help my child grow in the way he should go,…

Prepare for the PGA

Have you been trying to obtain an official USGA golf handicap but it seems to be out of your reach? Well, let me share with you a website tailored to helping get that USGA Handicap. The website is Net, and this website has been designed to marry the golfer with an online golf club. This means that the more than 200 million estimated golfers to who were unable to get a USGA Golf Handicap Index can now calculate their handicap easily and affordably for just a few pennies a day. With their sports golf software and other online utilities, everything will make it much easier for golfers to prepare for any tournaments. They also offer online golf handicap software for the amateur golfers, golf clubs; private, semi-private, public, military or municipal . So get your own USGA handicap card for use in any official golfing events and stay a swing ahead.

Fun Kite day

Pictures of our fun day last Saturday when we flew kites. My son had a great time and would love to do it again. It was so hot that day but we still enjoyed flying the kites, We flew the kites in the field right next to the place we live. It is a good place to fly kites because there were not trees and power lines that would tangle the kite. We're thinking to do it again with Samuel's friends next time.

UK Holidays on the Isle of Wight

Planning to visit UK? Then see the beauty of the Isle of Wight. Situated of the south coast of England the Isle of Wightis a beauty to behold. With record sunshine levels, sandy beaches, traditional English countryside and quaint thatched villages it is no wonder that the island has been attracting tourists since Victorian times. A great place to stay at this island is St Maur Hotel. They are situated in Ventnor, one of the prettiest areas on the Island, ideal for walking holidays. Close to Ventnor Park and the beautiful Botanical Gardens.St Maur Hotel offers a high standard of accommodation, so you will surely be satisfied with their service and hotel. And If you only need to stay at their hotel for a couple of days, do not worry because they accept Short Breaks Isle of Wightexperience. Whatever your holiday plans are whether it be a weekend break or a break during the week, they can accommodate you!

Another world record for Michael Phelps

He is UNBELIEVABLE!! I just watched the 200 butterfly swimming competition, And again Micheal Phelps made it! I was totally yelling and screaming with joy when Phelps took the gold!! I screamed so loud and I probably woke up the neighbors. My son thought I was nuts! ha ha. This is Phelps fourth gold medal of the 2008 Olympics. Michael has 4 more events to compete. I cant wait to watch more of him.

Celtic Haven in Wales

Wondering where to go for the best vacation experience on holidays? How about a Short Break Wales in Pembrokeshire, UK ? This place is perfect for people who wants to relax and experience the beauty of Europe. There is a beautiful resort in Pembrokeshire called Celtic Haven, a great place to spend holidays with your friends, family or relatives. They have great accommodation's like five start hotel, nice cottages, lodges or houses. The cottages sleeping 2-12 people are all furnished and equipped to the highest standard. They have dishwashers, washer/dryers, superb kitchens, full central heating and well designed bedrooms that you will surely be satisfied. Nice Bed linen (duvets), towels and monogrammed bathrobes will be waiting for you. They provide cots, highchairs and stairgates. DVD players, televisions and an ample stock of films supply the entertainment should you want to snuggle down for the evening. Not to mention the fun and free service that they provide to vacation…

Go Phelps!!!

I am a huge fan of the Olympics. The day Olympic in Beijing began I cannot take my eyes off the TV watching my favorite athletes. My husband get annoyed at me one time because of the numerous recordings I did. Haha. Let me tell you, I am so crazy watching the Olympic especially the swimming category. And Michael Phelps is one of my favorite swimmers. Hurray for him! He already won 3 golds and he is aiming for more golds! His 3rd gold win last Tuesday gave him his ninth career gold medal, tying legendary American athletes Carl Lewis (track and field) and Mark Spitz (swimming). He's an AMAZING swimmer! He is very inspiring and has good attitude. I'm glad he is representing the USA.

Awesome directory site

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Feed them

Have you ever seen fishes like these before? Well these fishes in Grand Prairie at Joe Pool Lake go crazy every time people throw food on them. Last Friday afternoon we went to this lake again to see the fishes and ducks. I didn't bring any food for them but Nelly does, She had 2 bags of old cereals that has never been opened. Lucky fishes, aren't they? As soon as we throw the food, they all got wild. These fishes are really big, have big round mouths and would fight each other just to get food. They were like fishes who haven't eaten anything for a few days! But they are always being fed by visitors so I don't think they were hungry, I guess they just love to eat!