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Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps

I really like Dave Ramsey's seven baby steps, If you do not know Dave Ramsey, he is an American, financial writer, adviser, television and radio host. He teaches people how to manage/budget money and eliminate debt. I love listening to his radio talk show because I can get great ideas in personal finance, and when I hear others different success stories it inspires me. So let me share with you Dave Ramsey's seven baby steps to becoming debt-free. I'm sure some of these are familiar to you. Hope this inspires you :)

Quickly save $1,000 in a Baby Emergency Fund.Become debt-free using the “snowball method.”Fully fund the Emergency Fund from step 1 with 3-6 months of your living expenses.Contribute 15% of your income to retirement.College Funding
Pay off your home earlyBuild wealth and give.I know that being debt-free is good for the soul, it’s also a lot more fun. As Dave often says, “Live like no one else, so that later you can live like no one else.”

Power steering protects you, take care of it.

Now the public has access to quality steering parts that previously dealers only had. Power Steering Pros has all the power steering rack parts you need. When you order with them, you'll get full warranty and free shipping you can't go wrong. They offer the highest quality of steering box and steering rack that you won't find at any generic auto parts store. And for the first time, the public has access to the highest quality boxes and racks, products that only dealers previously had! Power Steering Pros now offers straight to the public racks, boxes and pumps at the prices well below list. Take care of your power steering system and it will take care of you. Visit their website and learn more about their products and services.

Cost U Less Insurance

Now is the time to start saving money on your car insurance. With Cost-U-Less they can help you in buying your policy. Cost-U-Less is a California based company that insures California drivers. They are experience in finding coverage for high risk drivers with tickets, accidents, or DUI's on their records. So if you are looking for a low cost auto insurance, Cost-U-Less Insurance will definitely help you save.

Lovely day

Samuel and I at the water park. This was the last swimming we did last summer, It was fun! See more stories at my other website ->

Learn music here

Do you have interest in learning musical instruments?, like piano lessons and guitar, Do you love to write songs and perform on stage? Let me share you this website called International Artist Academy, they specialize in singing, piano, guitar,song-writing and performance tuition - beginners to advanced and they cater for students of all ages in their quest to make their own "history", whatever it may be. They offer quality music lessons in Australia and aim with the music lessons to create the complete artist - singer, instrumentalist, and song-writer. They help their student achieve their goals and turn their dreams into realty. Study with them and let International Artist Academy be your partner in achieving your dreams to be successful in the music industry.

Just a spoonful of honey

I just learned from a friend that a spoon full of honey grown locally can be used to treat seasonal allergy symptoms. So, I tried eating some two weeks ago and It works for my on and off sniffling and sneezing. I got more curious, so I researched more about this remedy, and this is what I found out, The reason why honey may help with seasonal allergies is because honey contains a bit of pollen from the plants. So if you eat the sweet treat that is made by bees in your area, the honey will often act as a natural vaccination, reducing your allergy symptoms to the local flowering plants and help boost your immune system. For some people eating locally honey works for them, but may not for others. Well, this remedy is just a a folk remedy and has no scientific research to prove, but if you're like me who suffer from seasonal allergies like sniffles and sneezing, it's worth a try. And if it doesn't work for you, well at least you're getting vitamins B6, thiamin, niaci…

Fix Your Auto Here

Do you have a collision damaged vehicle that you want to be checked up or fixed up by an expert? Let me share you this website called Collision Repair Experts, they are experts in the field of restoring collision damaged vehicles or auto body repair to pre-accident condition. All you need to have your collision damaged vehicle look nice can be done by their experts. They make sure that all materials they use to repair your vehicle are scrutinized and measured, and they conform to levels of performance that less than 1% of collision repairers can meet. Nowhere else will you find a network of collision repairers of this quality. Their success in stature attracts the highest quality employees. Another good thing about Collision Repair Experts, they conform to a universal corporate culture that exemplifies the core values that are shared by all members.

'love school days

It's Monday today - August 25th, Time flies so fast, Isn't? Some schools here in US starts today. But my son doesn't go to school yet, not until next year, So we'll probably be staying at the house today. I'm glad summer is over, I already got to much sun and I guess that's enough tanning, I have never had skin as dark as I do now. Anyway, I'm glad it's already school days, Love it! Love to drive around during school days because there are not to many people in the stores and the roads are not so busy in the morning from 9-2pm, which is the time I usually do my errands. So I'm also excited for the opening of the school today, roads will be not be to busy in the morning like it was during summer and store would not be to crowded. :)

I'll keep you posted.
Vida Presher

Beijing Olympic ended

The Beijing Olympic has come to an end. China brings down the curtain on Games that wowed the world with sporting brilliance. They close the Olympic with words of praise from Olympic officials and a feast of colors with deafening fireworks that showed glorious days they will cherish forever. Beijing Olympic games were truly exceptional. It was outstanding!