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Thinking halloween..

Halloween is just around the corner. Of course children are excited in this coming trick or treat. This year I do not have to worry about what would be my son’s costume is gong to be, Because he will be using the one from last year. He is going to wear the "Buzz light year costume. I bought that bigger size on purpose, so he can wear it again this year. I'm glad he does n't care. He's just so proud of his costume. My husband and I don’t dress for Halloween on a regular basis because we never see many costumes I’d be interested in wearing. Maybe we need to look on the internet, there are a lot of costumes for sale online.

Insured your property

Right now, It's raining hard here in our area. I was just thinking what would happen if the rain did not stop for a few days, and it flooded. Things like that can happen especially for those houses that are in the Flood zone. But if you are prepared for any natural disasters that may occur in your lives, you're a little bit secure. Like having a flood insurance. I know a lot of people think it is not necessary that's why thirty-two percent of survey respondents claim that flood insurance is “unnecessary”- while statistics show that the demand for flood insurance fluctuates with the occurrence of major U.S. hurricanes. For me, It is necessary to have a flood insurance, especially for those people who live in flood zone. There are lots of flood insurance that you can get online or even in your area, but I would like to recommend to you. hey have over 16 years of experience in the home insurance industry and a 12 time winner of the coveted Top in Country …

Do great things!

I love quotations and inspirational thoughts, that is why, as some of you may have noticed, I posts different quotations. I just love them because they inspires me. Here is another great quotation for you.

"The small moon can eclipse the great sun. We too, can do great things if we set ourselves in the right place at the right time."
....or Nothing is Impossible.

Win 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid

If you're High Speed Internet, Telephone or Digital/Cable is giving you problems because of it's expensive services, then you might want to try Charter Communications. You can save a lot because of their special offers. Also when you register on their website or order one or more Charter Services, you'll be entered to win 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid worth over $24,000! With Charter Services you'll save on television, high speed, and telephone service and who knows you just might win a car that can help you save a LOT on gas too. Wow I love Honda Civic. Here are some of the Car Details:

Polished Metal Metallic
Up to 45 mpg highway
Fabric interior
USB Audio Interface
110-hp, 8 valve, SOHC i-VTEC® 4-cylider engine
Continuously variable transmission
MP3 Auxiliary Input Jack

We are currently moving out to a new place and I was thinking if they have Charter Services here in our area. I'm gonna visit Charter Communications website again and see if they have services here. I can defin…

Run Fast

I like this quotation that I found recently. This reminds me of taking opportunities in PPP. If you're slow and not smart enough, you might not get anything!... Well, sometimes it's the computer or the system that is slow. Ha!ha.

Do that extra bit, run that extra mile because there's always someone better than you out there so you better burn the fire inside!"

Your Homecity!

Right now we are in the stage of looking a house here in Dallas Fort Worth, and I'm praying that we could find the best deal. That's why I look at houses everywhere, magazines, newspaper and internet. There's one real estate broker website that I just visited and registered. This website is called I like how their website was designed for buyers and sellers. They have aerial photographs slide shows and virtual tours. I know there are also some real estate broker websites that have those services, but is different from all the websites I've tried. You will see instantly the information you need to know about a house, like home type, year built, days on market, $/sq.feet, sq.feet, taxes, lot size and a lot more! If you dont know, houses here in Texas are pretty cheap compare to other states, and Dallas and Austin are among the cities in Texas that are in the list of "one of the fastest growing cities in the country". It's n…

Smile no matter what

I thought this is worth sharing.
"When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.
It's kinda hard sometimes to smile when you are not in the mood, but when things in our lives doesn't seem okay, Always remember to smile, because a smile makes a dark day seem bright! SMILE!

Health Care Products Delivery Home

Are you looking for some health care supplies and would you like them to be delivered in your home? Let me share you this website that I found. DHP Home Delivery sells health care products online and deliver quality health care products in a convenient and careful manner straight to your home. To give you a little information about DHP Company, they are an official retailer of Tyco Health care/Kendall Products, a leading manufacturer of disposable health care products worldwide. That really makes me believe that DHP's products are trusted and reliable. I looked at some of their products and I noticed that they offer a lot of health care products. I can say that they have everything you need. Like Travel Socks for people who always travel, this socks helps utilize gradient compression to maximize blood flow in the leg, and they look like an ordinary stockings or socks. I would like to buy some of this travel socks for future use. Visit their website and see what I am talking ab…


Another big airplanes. I took these pictures the other day at the airport in Fort Worth. Hope you like it. Have a great day!

TRUE to you!

This post is for single people looking for an online date. I know a trusted online dating service for you, this is an online dating service and relationship site that helps single men and women meet and date online. It's a safe online dating because conducts criminal background screenings. And whether you are looking for a friend, soul mate, or great date. TRUE will find exactly what and who you are looking for. I guess single men and women are so lucky these days because they can find their date online. But be careful too guys in choosing the website you are using, because some website out there are not safe to use. But with TRUE you are in good hands. They have a lot of great things in their website such as scientific compatibility testing, coaching and matchmaking, you can also use web cam on their website, can browse members personal ads/profiles and a lot more! I think this website is great, and If I am still single, I will try online dating, lol. I stil…

Inspiring you

I like this quotation;

"At every dead end there is a new path of light for you to shine. Embrace yourself in freedom; achieve your heights of success." I believe in this quotation. No matter what happens there is always a way to accomplish our goals. Like what this other quotation says "When one door closes another door opens".

Experience The Magic in Disney World

I've never been to Disney World in Orlando, I heard it's bigger and nicer. I always tell my husband that when my son is big enough to ride on the rides in Disney World, we're gonna go . I really wanted to have a vacation in Orlando. I have some friends and relatives there that I want to visit. I know we will go there someday when everybody in the family is ready. I guess I'll wait few more years when my son is ready to travel and ride on a lot of their rides, maybe in 2 or 3 more years we will be ready. But I'm sure, with or without rides my son would definitely love Disney World. Who would not want to have a vacation in Disney World in Orlando? It is a very beautiful and fun place! Talking about visiting Disney in Orlando, Florida, (wow I feel like going now!), If you are thinking to visit Disney World in Orlando, I suggest you log onto They offer discount Disney world tickets, Dinner shows and Florida Attractions. They have tickets …

Be Happy

No matter how difficult our lives are, always remember that life is beautiful. Feel happy no matter what, Be thankful that we are all children of God and He loves us so much. Have a blessed day to all my readers!

"Happiness is a state of mind. To make life beautiful you need to feel happiness inside. When you feel content, you can see the beauty of life."

Are you homesick?

How many of us out there have family in other countries? I do and sometimes it is hard to find a good way to call them and be able to talk for a good extended amount of time. One of the best ways I have found to call them is with international calling cards. But which ones are the best and where is a good place to find them. One such place is They have calling cards for a wide range of countries and a range of pricing as well. For example to call the Philippines where my family is 1.3¢/Minute, to call Mexico - 0.9¢/Minute, and to call United Kingdom – Unlimited. All of these calls are from the United States. If you need a good calling card source then is a good place to start.

More planes

More pictures of the airplanes. I took this yesterday at the air show. It was fun to watch different kinds of airplanes flying.

Is your ride to slow?

I have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited that I need to have some work done to it. So far I have been unable to find a good a deal on parts until now. I found this website called They have the parts that I need and they are reasonably priced. They also have Supercharger, turbochargers for many makes and models. A few makes are Buick Park Avenue Supercharger, Buick Regal Supercharger, Buick Supercharger, Chevrolet Supercharger, Ford Supercharger, Mazda Millenia Super Charger, Mazda Millenia Supercharger, Mazda Supercharger, Mercedes Supercharger, and pontiac supercharger and more. They also have excellent customer service and great warranties for all of their products. If you are the type of person who loves to work on you on your cars then is where you should go to get all of your parts.

Good fly

Another cool airplane exhibition that we watched yesterday. The pilot who was flying this airplane did a very good job. Great show, It 's worth watching.

Searching for a good Rabbi?

This is for all of the Jews out there. It is also for all of those who may not be Jews but adhere to Jewish values. For more than a decade, Rabbi Yitzhak Miller (who prefers Rabbi Yitzi) has served as a Rabbi and Director of Education to several congregations (Riverside, Gilroy, Los Gatos, Yuba City and Lancaster, Calif.) This former international businessman decided that his calling was to be a Rabbi, to transcend a materialistic life and reach for the sacred, to serve God, and to create spiritual and emotional bonds among the Jewish people and the people of the world. Known for his warm spirit, deep passion, and commitment to Jewish and personal growth, Rabbi Yitzi brings these values to every interaction and every relationship.

Rabbi Yitzi has created something called The Synagogue of the Greater Whole which tries to provide Jewish services and education to those who seek it, but who are not connected to a physical synagogue. The project also provides services to existing physical s…

Cool plane

I took this picture when we went to the Alliance Air show yesterday. It was a great air show. My son enjoyed it!