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Showing posts from October 26, 2008

Personalize your license plate

Have you ever wanted to have your own Personalised Number Plates for your car? If so, do you know how to do it? There are various ways of doing this, the first way is go through the local government or use someone to do it for you like, Their website allows you to search their huge selection of private number plates. You can search for ageless car registrations, prefix type personalised number plates and current style number plates. One thing that I like about their service is that they help you through the entire process and they even do the transfer paperwork so that you are not left alone to do it yourself.

Chrysler is in bad shape

This morning, while I was studying my lesson for my student about Chrysler's cost cutting, I wonder how long will the economic slowdown last. I couldn't believe that the US giant Chrysler is one of the latest casualty in this crisis. We all know, Chrysler is one of the huge automobile manufacturer in the world. Just recently they announced huge job losses. Ouch! I am not an employee of Chrysler (I am a big fan of their luxury cars ) but I feel sorry for those people who will be affected and are affected in this global crisis. Imagine Chrysler will be axing 1,825 blue collar worker at two of their assembly plants and 5000 white collar workers. This is very depressing. and this are the times they called "unimaginable times" . Times you never thought would happen, but that is life. As the scripture says " To everything there is a season and time to every purpose under heaven". I believe that despite of the economic global crisis that we are facing righ…

Future Vacation

I always tell my husband that when my son gets bigger, we can go visit my family in other countries. It’s been a while since my husband and I had a long vacation. And I am hoping that next year in the summer, we can afford to have one and visit great places we have never seen before. I mentioned in my other post that I want to take my son to Disney world in Orlando. We are waiting for him to get a little bit older so he can more fully enjoy all that Disney world has to offer.
Another thing that I would like to do with my family is to rent a cabin and go ocean fishing. I love eating fresh fish from the ocean. I have a friend who always goes to Galveston to go fishing, and when they return they sometimes give me some of their catch. I told my other friend that maybe we could that too. Since We both love eating fresh fish. I guess my husband would also love to go fishing. There are several more things that I would like to do with my family but that’s all for now.