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Are you on the road of no return?

With drug abuse on the rise and the ability to get it even easier there are more and more people who are becoming addicted drugs every day. Some of those people might have even become addicted to heroin while in the hospital for pain relief. Others might have a major back problem that causes them so much pain that Tylenol or Advil just does not seem to put a dent in the pain. Remember a few years ago where Rush Limbaugh was caught using Oxycontin for his sever back pain. In my opinion there are probably millions of people in the US alone who use these drugs to relieve the pains that over the counter drugs just cannot. These drugs are highly addictive and very hard to quit.

Herion withdrawals are very dangerous in that if someone who is addicted to heroin can actually die from it. These withdrawals have to be given another drug to supplement the heroin and then that person has to gradually be taken off the supplement. So what are a few of the withdrawal symptoms that some can have. They are diarrhea and vomiting, tremors, muscle cramps, insomnia, and many many more.

What are some of the Oxycontin addiction withdrawal symptoms. They are the individual may feel very queasy and even experience bouts of vomiting, depression and anxiety which are the most common, heart palpitations, joint or muscle ache, and many more.

If you are addicted to these horrible drugs and you are really ready to quit and change your life then you can find help and there are any places to do so. Just remember that if you want to stop using it would be good idea to have a drug addiction specialist there to assist you on getting clean and sober.


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