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Where are you going to watch football?

With football season coming up and the only way to watch is with satellite or cable then one needs to decide which one is the best and will give the most for your money. I suppose they all have their pros and cons, but which one has more pros than cons. We used to have satellite, but when we moved into our apartment we were unable to have it so we got cable. Let me just say that it was a big mistake.

So what are some the pros of having satellite over cable. Well for one thing satellite is much more reliable than cable. When we had satellite even when the weather was bad we still got service. When we had cable that thing was always on the fritz. Also with satellite you get the NFL Sunday Ticket. Cable does not have that.

The cons of satellite in my opinion are really not that many, but there are some. A few of them are when the weather is real bad it does lose service. Cable not so much. Another thing is that the system has do all kinds of checks and downloads so that can be kind of inconvenient.

All in all I would choose satellite over cable any day. My question to you is why spend the NFL Sunday Ticket Price to go the game and be around all of those loud and obnoxious people and put up with traffic when you can get the best at home anytime of day. There is even a way with a click of the button get the NFL Sunday Ticket Schedule and see who is playing who. I know I would.


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