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Showing posts from January 25, 2009

Size really does matter

Those of us who have enormous internet presence you know that you need a lot of space and bandwidth so that you clientele can access you website 24/7 365. Unfortunately too many times the website gets hit so hard in such a short amount of time that it stops responding. Although it may feel awesome that your website is getting so many hits and there is a huge potential for selling if you site stops responding you could possibly loose valuable clientele and maybe even orders therefore further frustrating the client.

This type of situation happens a lot with shared hosting if you were to lease your own dedicated server the chances of this happening will be greatly reduced. With your own dedicated server you enjoy increased bandwidth because it is just your company using the server and several. Although dedicated servers can be more expensive the power , flexibility, control, and speed you will have will greatly out way the cost, especially if you website generates so much income that goin…