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Is carrying cash to exspensive?

Hello, all you big spenders and savers. Is your money getting tight and you are not sure if the banks can be trusted amidst all of the bailouts and bankruptcies? Are you keeping your money under a mattress and spending it as you need it, but you would like to be able to pay your bills online or even do some shopping online such as or somewhere else, but since you have no debit or credit card this is virtually impossible. Well, if you would like a secure alternative to banks and credit cards then I would suggest using a prepaid debit card.

Prepaid cards work just like a credit card or a debit card in that you can use them to shop online, purchase gas from the pump and avoid the hassles of going to the teller and giving them some cash, and hoping you gave them just enough. If it was to much you have to go back to the teller, and get the change and go back to your car. So just avoid all of these major hassles and pay from the pump.

The great thing about these types of prepaid cred…

Do you have the correct time?

Are you a lover of fine luxury watches such as Tag-Heuer, Cartier, Movado, or others? These watches are great to look at and wear. They are made from all of the finest materials and superb movement. Cartier watches are made of stainless steel, and the crowns are screwed down to maximize the watches resistance. Tag Heuer watches are made with steel and 18k gold. These watches are magnificent and move with quality craftsmanship. With one of these watches on your wrist you will be known as one who loves quality and craftsmanship in all that you do. Movado is not as luxurious as the other two mentioned here in, but it still a gorgeous watch and will turn heads. These watches are made of brushed and polished steel, with precision Swiss movement.

One of the watches that I like is the Girard-Perregaux BMW Oracle Racing R&D 01 USA 87 Men’s watch. This watch features a titanium case, chronograph functions, scratch resistant sapphire crystal, and a date of the month dial at the 6 o’clock pos…

Are you on the road of no return?

With drug abuse on the rise and the ability to get it even easier there are more and more people who are becoming addicted drugs every day. Some of those people might have even become addicted to heroin while in the hospital for pain relief. Others might have a major back problem that causes them so much pain that Tylenol or Advil just does not seem to put a dent in the pain. Remember a few years ago where Rush Limbaugh was caught using Oxycontin for his sever back pain. In my opinion there are probably millions of people in the US alone who use these drugs to relieve the pains that over the counter drugs just cannot. These drugs are highly addictive and very hard to quit.

Herion withdrawals are very dangerous in that if someone who is addicted to heroin can actually die from it. These withdrawals have to be given another drug to supplement the heroin and then that person has to gradually be taken off the supplement. So what are a few of the withdrawal symptoms that some can have. They…

Try bamboo

Are you thinking to upgrade your window blinds at home? Consider Bamboo Blinds? They are
made from beautiful wood, rattan, jute, grass and reeds. I remember a friend whose floor is bamboo, It is really gorgeous. So if you thinking to put blinds on your window, choose bamboo blinds. It brings nature beauty and natural style. If you are not sure where to find bamboo shades for your window treatments, visit They have great bamboo shades, styles and other window treatments for a low price. I will check again when we got a house. Surely this will bring beauty and natural style to our future home.

Is alcohol destroying your life?

Are you a woman who finds herself drinking to much on a regular basis? Do you find yourself wanting to get a drink at all hours of the day? Do you tell the ones who care about you that you can stop drinking at any time when you are ready? Do you think that it will be no problem for you to quit? It takes a lot of discipline to do this and most people today do not have that much discipline to quit an addiction on their own. If this sounds like you or someone who you care about then they probably have an addiction to alcohol. If you have realized that you do have a problem then you are ready to get alcohol addiction help. If you know of someone who needs help and she is a woman then there are places that treat just women.

So what are the signs of alcohol addiction? One of the signs is that a person will drink for longer and drink more than they intended to do so. Next, if that same person has tried to stop drinking in the past but the withdrawals were so bad that they were not able to do …


Do the light fixtures throughout your house look old and drab? Do the walkways around your home seem very dark and dangerous at night? Are you thinking about selling your home and want to make it look as good as possible for a little as possible? Is the lighting so bad inside your bathroom that sometimes it looks like someone may be watching? If any of these fit your situation then new beautiful affordable light fixtures are what you need.

If you are wanting to update those old and tired looking fixtures now is the time. With people not buying as much as they used to business are offering great deals on amazing lighting fixtures. You can get gorgeous chandeliers, to add some class to any room. If that one unit which is a light, or heat lamp rather, and an exhaust fan making your bathroom stink? Think about adding a row of lights to the room that spend almost as much time in as your bedroom. In any case upgraded home lighting will add some spice and make it more comfortable to be in at …

Get help before it is too late!!

Have you been noticing that someone in your house mood has been changing? Do they seem more anxious or angry or isolating themselves form the family and spending more time with their friends? Then that person may have a drug problem. It could be a wide variety of substances that they could be in using and it might also be an inhalant of some kind. If you find out what kind of substance that they are using then there is drug addiction help to get them off of the drugs.

If you are the one that needs the help with recovery from drug addiction then you might want to check into a sober living home because the drug withdrawals can be very intense and can make it very difficult to do on you own. Without proper support and doctor supervision some withdrawals can actually kill.

So do you self a favor and favor for that someone you know who is suffering from drug addiction and get you life and the life of that someone you get back on track. They will thank you and you will thank yourself in the l…

Keep in touch and get more traffic!

Hello, Bloggers! How many times have you tried to get rank increase or just get noticed so you can get your blog on the map? My husband has been trying for a long time to get a rank, but still to this day he does not have one. Maybe it is because he is not using enough social networking websites. Maybe that is the same for you.

There are a lot of Bloggers out there who use these websites to keep up with friends and family. As far as I know there are not a lot out there where you can keep up with your friends and family while on the road unless you stop at a kiosk or have a laptop with a modem. Most websites do not work on your cell phone. What if there was a website that you could access your blog via you iPhone? Well, fellow Bloggers there is. It is very new and started only in the month February 2009.

The great thing about this website is that free to join. Bloggers can even post pictures while on the go. For example a blogger is on road trip and instead of sending post cards to ever…