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Showing posts from March 8, 2009

Here is a good vacuum cleaner

I think I am allergic to dust. I notice that when I clean our house or vacuum the floor I start to sneeze a lot. My son does that too. I wonder if one of the reasons why I sneeze a lot is the carpet. I vacuum our floor almost everyday but I am not sure how good our vacuum can clean. I guess we need a new vacuum. We need a vacuum that is essential for allergy sufferers and a vacuum that would clean our carpet really well. has great vacuums for allergy sufferers. When we are ready to buy a new vacuum, I will check their website again. I like the one that I saw on their website, it is called Miele S7580 Upright Hepa. Check it out, you might like it too.

Are scrubs comfortable?

I have heard that scrubs are pretty comfortable, but I do not know that from first hand experience. It does however to seem to me that they are because I see lots of people everyday wearing them. Most of the time I just assume that they either work at doctors office or at a dentist. Whether they do or not I see lots of people wearing them. I also see scrubs for sale at different stores and I even see stores that specialize in scrubs. I do not see that many scrubs with patterns on them. They are available with patterns such as flowers, and animal print scrubs. If you are not sure what pattern you would like on your scrubs then you can always find a scrubs catalog and pick the one you like the most.

Does anyone really like wearing nursing clog shoes? I hear they are probably the most comfortable shoes there are, but to me they are not fun to look at. I guess if you are wearing paper clothes then no one really looks at your shoes. Since most people in the hospital are either asleep or in …

Want to be to sexy for your shirt?

Howdy my fellow fitness geeks. How is that gym subscription working? Are you paying $40 or month for a membership to a gym or health spa that you hardly use? Ladies are you tired of the all the ogling from the male members as you try to perform your workout. Do you wish that you could get your workout in peace? Guys are you tired of all those muscle buffs showing you up and making you feel like a wimp? If you are tired of all of these things why not get a great workout from your own personal home gym equipment.

There are treadmills for those who enjoy running or walking. Treadmills are great because they are just like running on a track or on the street. They can also be inclined and have the speed increased to maximize your calorie burning. They are also great to help you achieve that sexy look and fit back into that little red dress. And best of all you do not have to put with those at the gym who make you feel dirty or weak.

Another great way to get fit is with the use of an agile. A…