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What is your car insurance rate?

Do you want to know what's the cheapest car insurance? If yes, then I have a website for you. Check this website called Fill out some information on their website, and when your are done filling out the form, the website will show you a list of multiple car insurance companies that offer low rates for your desired coverage. So if you want to get the best car insurance rate, check out their website.

Upgrade you memory

My husband always buy sd memory cards, He always upgrade our cellphones and cameras memories. I have no problem with that, as long as he do not buy expensive memory card. I found a website called,, they sell a wide variety of memory cards for your digital camera, PDA, MP3 player and more. I will definitely tell my husband about this website and how affordable their prices are. They sell other stuff too like batteries, chargers and more. When we are ready to upgrade our laptop, I will definitely visit their website again.

Life can be a Breeze 24/7

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if life could be a Breeze 24/7? It would be wonderful if there was nothing to worry about and we could just sit back relax and have someone bring us everything that we could ever want. Then we are tired of that being able to walk on the beach and listen to the waves and watch the sunset or sunrise would be great as well. If this sounds great then my friends it is time for an all inclusive vacation package.

This package is at one of the many beautiful Caribbean resorts where you can do just about anything from swimming to tennis and golf. You can even just sit back and relax or have a romantic weekend getaway with that special someone. So if the daily grind is getting you down and you need a recharge break out the credit card and book one of many all inclusive Caribbean vacations and get your batteries recharged for a week or a weekend. You will be glad you did. Who knows you might just find romance and enjoy it that much more.

Peru for less

Thinking of a Machu Picchu travel? Try visiting this website called, they have really great deals on Peru trips. Their trips start from $519, 4 day/3 nights to $1509 11 day/10 nights. They also have trip styles that you can choose from like, adventure, culture/history, family, nature, luxury and more. I read some of their customer's testimonies and they all had a wonderful experience at Check out their special deals, and enjoy the beauty of Peru for less!

Our picture in a restaurant

This picture was taken two weeks ago when we celebrated Loan's birthday ( she is standing between me and Mr. Bala ). We dine in at a seafood restaurant here in Arlington. The food in that restaurant is really great. Lot's of seafood and yummy Asian food. I can say that we are a group of mommies who love to explore different kinds of restaurants here in the DFW metroplex. Name a restaurant, I might have eaten there. :)

Treat your pet

Pet lovers! I have a great website for your pet. It is They sell a wide variety of pet supplies. They sell, pet food, shampoo, skin care, dog houses, clothing, pet supplements and many more. Everyday they have a treat of the day and deal of the day. So if you are crazy about your pet, visit their website and get your pet a special treat.

Lucrative 800 number billing service

Do you wish there was an easier way to bill your customers for your products or services? Is it costing your business a fortune to process and mail out bills? Are you tired of having of having to wait for you customers’ payments to return and then have them processed? If so then I have the perfect solution to make your billing much easier and save time in the process. The best way to bill your customers is with an 800 bill to credit card or debit card number. This works by having customers call a specific number listening to prerecorded messages and if they continue then the customer will enter credit or debit card information before proceeding to a live agent or recorded call. Best of all your company does not have to run the service. This service is very popular and very effective and can be customized to many services and industries.

So if you need a simpler way to collect money for your business then an 800 bill to card line is the way to go. To see more detail as to how this works…

Bad choice for Electricity Service

If you are looking for a new electric service provider DO NOT USE GEXA ENERGY! There pay as you go plan is okay, but do not sign up for any of their plans. We have had so may problems with our bills since we have moved to the 6 month plan. We have paid more using this plan at 11 cents per kilo watt hour than we did when we paying 17 cents per kilo watt hour. There customer service is not very good and have been confused one more than one ocassion trying to get them to explain what is going on with our bill. Again DO NOT USE GEXA ENERGY FOR ANY REASON. We will be changing our energy service provider as soon as we can.

Cool TV stands

If you have a new TV and you do not know where to put it. I have a suggestion for you. Check out this website called They have really good tv stands. They also sell audio racks, stereo cabinets, entertainment centers and a lot more A/V furniture. I would like to have a new tv stand for my son's room. There is one that I like in their website. It is the electric lift cabinets. I like it because it hides your flat screen TV and protect your TV from children. If you want to get one, get now and get a free shipping!

No medical exam for life insurance

Do you need life insurance for you or for your family? If yes, then let me tell you about this life insurance company called They offer no exam life insurance and provide a variety of insurance policies such as term life insurance, mortgage life insurance, high risk life insurance, smokers life insurance and many more. So if you are one of those people who does not like medical exams to get life insurance, check out their website and learn more about their programs and services.