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Showing posts from April 26, 2009

Shed some pounds

I started to go in the gym last week. I decided to enroll in a gym class because I notice that my tummy is getting big, so I decided to do something. I am glad that the gym that I am with is close to our apartment. It's called Hugh Recreation Center. I also worked there every TTH. I can bring Samuel too whenever I go to the gym because their facility has a baby sitter. It's so nice to be able to work out and shed some pounds. I hope I will loose weight this time, because I love to eat and explore a wide variey of food. I will let you know and announce to the whole world when I have lost 10 pounds. Good luck to me!

What about Decaslim?

I really want to loose weight. I gained weight these past few years. I could not remember how many times I tell my husband that I will start working out hard, eat low calorie food and eat a lot of green leafy food to loose weight. But whenever I start, I always get tempted eating food that are not good for my diet. I am really not overweight, I probably just need to loose 10 pounds. I am thinking to try Decaslim, I have read good reviews about this diet pill. It's safe to use and has many beneficial effects on health such as prostate cancer, hair loss, acne, antioxidant, menopause and more. Sounds a good diet pill. I would like to try it.