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Showing posts from May 17, 2009

Have a clean colon

My husband told me many times that he would like to clean his colon because there are a lot of benefits from having a clean colon. So I got curious about colon cleansing. There's a colon cleansing kit that I found online. The kit is called Colonix. They said, Colonix is safe to use, has no side effects and very effective. If these are true, I would like to buy one for my husband, and maybe for myself too. If you are also interested in cleansing your colon, check out their website and learn more about Colonix.

My li'l fixer

My husband loves to fix things. He fix everything in our house. I am glad for his talent, because it saves us money instead of hiring someone to fix it for us. My son, who is in the picture shows the same talent as his Dad has. He also loves to fix small things like broken toys. I caught him many times trying to fix something and I love to watch him doing it.