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Showing posts from June 28, 2009

I want a Nikon Digital camera to play with!!

About one year ago we purchased a Sony cybershot digital camera and I thought that it was a great camera. That camera did all kinds of things and took great quality pictures that I was proud of. Unfortunately, I have found some other things that I would like to do with my camera, but it will not do it. So I want to buy another digital cameras this time I would like to get a Nikon so I can do all of things that I would love to be able to do with a camera. I am not sure what mega pixels I want, but I will probably get the one that has highest or maybe even a SLR digital camera. We shall see.

Driving legal?

With health insurance prices on the rise many of us can not afford our monthly payments on top of the co pay and the deductibles that we are required to pay. Fortunately there are websites that offer quotes on various types of insurance from medical insurance quotes to auto insurance quote and whole lot more to choose from. These sites are an excellent find to help us get the best insurance at a great price to happy, healthy, and legal.

Sunday thoughts

I am sorry for being lazy these days. I have been so busy with my job and family. Samuel started his swimming class last week and I have crazy schedules. This week will be his last week as a level 0 (zero) swimmer. His swimming classes will resume in July, hopefully after these classes, he will know how to float. I realized if there are things that your child wants to do, whether it is swimming classes, or sports activities, dancing or whatever they like to do, you will need to sacrifice some of your time to be their for them so that they can participate that they love to do.