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Showing posts from July 12, 2009

One of my favorite actors

One of my favorite actors has to be Harrison Ford. He has done all kinds of movies. He has stared in movies from action to suspense. I have to admit that I have seen just about every movie that he has ever done. Although I like him as an actor some of the movies he has done were not the best.

One of the movies that I liked was yes you guest it Star Wars. He did a great job in that series of movies. He actually made me believe that he was a smuggler from a galaxy far, far away. Even though he basically got his start in those movies he was great. I think he would be a great candidate for the Best of the Best Awards.

One of the movies that I thought was okay is the fugitive. He was great in the movie, but the movie just moved to slow and was somewhat predictable. I am glad that his character was able to get his man and his name in the end. I would still recommend Harrison Ford as a candidate for the BoB Awards.

If you think that this blog would make it into the blog awards please nominate m…

Trade stocks easily any time

Are you and avid trader of stocks? Is your portfolio peppered with all kinds of trades? Are you a wiz at making your 401k grow when all others are dropping? Well if you are then you know all about the various ways of Stock Trading. One of the ways of trading stocks that is growing in popularity is Online Trading. This way you are pretty much in charge of what happens to you money. You can update it daily or at your convenience.

Because online trading is becoming so popular there is now no more need to have a direct talk with your broker. An Online Broker can be reached more easily and quickly so that your stocks are done as fast as they need to be. Also because you broker is an online broker the cost of the trades is much less because of the elimination of all of the overhead.

Get out of the ways of the earlier days of trading and join the hundreds even thousands who make trades daily from the comfort of their own computer. On might even say that you can trade in the nude.

TV solutions for all

We really hate to move. It takes so much time and effort to load and unload everything that we have. The next time we move we are going to be using a moving truck such as UHAUL or something like that. Another pain in the seat is moving the satellite from one location to another. My husband is very independent and he likes to try and set up the satellite by himself. Most of the time he can do it even without all of that fancy equipment that they use to find the satellite, but sometimes he cannot and calls the guys to by and do it. If he would have called them in the first place then the TV would already be up and running. Don’t be like my husband. If you have satellite let the company like Direct TV do it for you.

So you are moving so how do you find the nearest directv installer near you to come and hook you up? Well, I would suggest using a website called to help find the right solution for you. They might even be able to find a better deal than you already have if you…

A Golfers Paradise

Calling all golf enthusiasts! Are you in need of a get away? Then Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations is waiting for you to visit one the most beautiful golf courses ever imagined? Are you ready to test your skills to see how good you really are on a golf course that makes you decide whether or not to play it safe or go for the gold? If you are then Myrtle Beach Golf course is par for you.

If you are ready to see how good you are then why spend full price for this amazing golf adventure. There are places that offer you Myrtle Beach Golf Packages to save you some green so you can spend you time on the green free from worries. This beautiful course offers many or water and sand hazards and even has a green on an island to test your skills.

Golf Myrtle Beach and see if you are worthy to swing with the big boys. Who knows maybe you will be the next Arnold Palmer.