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Showing posts from August 2, 2009

I am pregnant again.

I am pregnant again with our second child. I am so excited to be able to hold a baby once again. I do not however like changing diapers. But that is all part of the excitement of having a new born baby. We do not know the sex of the baby is yet but when I know I might probably send out some kind of birth announcements telling when the due date is and what the sex is. I am not sure if I want another one or not. We will see.

Those horse ridding pants have a name?

Ever wonder what those pant are called that equestrians ride in those horse ridding contests? I have and up until know I never knew that they were called anything else except ridding pants. Well, those sexy pants are called ridding breeches. They look very durable and warm on those cold ridding days. Plus the probably add some aerodynamics to the riders legs so the horse can go faster.

What is acne and how do we get rid of it

What is acne and how do we get rid of it. Acne is caused when our pours become clogged with some type of foreign material such as dirt or makeup. This affliction affects most teenagers and some adults well into their forties. Not only does it show on the face, but it can be found on the neck, shoulders, back, and even the upper arms. So how do we get rid of it? Well, one way is to find good acne products. These products do not have very expensive to do the job. Even daily face washing with a good facial cleanser will work wonders.

He should clean up nicely

I think that my husband fantastic when he is all dressed up in a white shirt and tie with some nice slacks. One of these days I want to see him wearing a suit or even some nice tuxedo pants with a matching jacket. I bet he would look superb in that type of outfit. But we hardly ever go anywhere where that type of dress is appropriate so for now I will just have to settle for a plain old white shirt and tie.

How to loose weight and keep it off

The best weight loss supplements are ones that do not keep you hungry or crash when they are all used up. How can you expect to loose weight if you are constantly eating something. Mainly people are unhealthy junk that lowers our metabolisms and turns into more fat. In our searches for the perfect weight loss solution in conjunction with exercise and eating right look for pills that raise and keep the metabolism up and keep you feeling full. This will help us to loose weight faster and keep it off.

Go away acne you bother me!

I have been struggling with acne for a very long time. I wish I had my husband’s skin that very rarely gets acne, and when he does it is only one or two. Unlike me I get lots of them all of the time. Maybe one day I will find the best acne treatment there is and then I will no longer be plagued by these horrible things.

Maybe someday I will visit some more US

Since I have arrived here in the United States from the Philippines the only other place I have been to besides Texas is California and that is only because that is where the port of entry is. Since I have arrived here I have been trying to get my husband to take us on some sort of vacation. I would like to one day go on a Branson Vacations, because of the many activities there are to do either outdoors or indoors. Plus the country side there is very beautiful. Maybe one day my husband will finally take us somewhere.

My phone works great again. THANKS!

I recently had a problem with my cell phone and was thinking about getting a new one. Then I saw this add on craigslist for cell phone repair. So I called the guy up and he quoted me a price that was less than it would have been for me to buy a new a phone and extend my contract. Now my phone works like it did before the LCD went out.

Gross what are those things coming out of their skin

If you are burdened by oily skin like my husband and I are then you know how easy it is get blackheads and how hard it is to get rid of blackheads. First we need to know how blackheads form so we better treat the problem. These unsightly things are formed when dead skin cells enter the follicles, generally it is follicles with wider openings than normal, and then the dead skin cells begin oxidize resulting in a black color. You might be tempted to just pop them out, but this can be damaging to the skin. The best idea is find a safe affordable solution to ridding our bodies of these things so we can look younger and feel better and save our skin from being crushed by our finger tips while trying to remove them.

He needs to shed some pounds

I am always saying to my husband that he needs to loose some weight before he gets diabetes or something. Most of the time when I talk to him about it I think that it in one ear and the other. I wish that he would care more about his health and start doing something to loose those extra unsightly and unhealthy pounds. If you or someone you know and care about is like this there are other ways of getting them to loose some pounds. One way is find the best weight loss pill on the market where loosing weight can be made to work faster. One thing you should keep in mind when looking for a weight loss program is that if you stay hungry then you will not loose weight as fast if at all. So do your homework and find the best weight loss pills so you can loss those pounds and not have to spend a fortune doing so.

I want new light fixtures and I want them now

The lighting in our apartment is atrocious. Not only are the fixtures about 30 years old but they do not give off much light either. Not only do they not give of much light the do not brighten up the room either. If we had our place, which we are still working on, I would use Murray Feiss Lighting throughout my house. These fixtures are gorgeous and made to be look at and admired. Not only is the form and function great they also brighten up the look of what ever room they are in. If I were you I would brighten up your rooms as well. I know I will.

My husband the typical electronics nut

My husband drives me crazy sometimes with his constant talk about electronics. He loves electronics. If it is LCD or Plasms TV’s he wants one. If it is new video game systems he wants one. If it is a new electronic gadget he wants it. He knows he can not have everything but he sure wishes he could. Who knows maybe someday he will be able to, but for now I will just have to continue listening to his crazy talk about electronics.