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Showing posts from August 23, 2009

Reminds me of home

I have previously stated before in my writings I have not been to very many places here in the United States yet. There are a lot of other places that I would like to visit such as Utah, New Jersey, and Florida. I would love orlando vacations because the temperature is just about the same as it is in the Philiipines, and it would remind me a bit of home.

Do you have hard to get rid of weight?

As we grow older our digestive systems slow down and all of the waste that we get rid of does not always leave our bodies. Some studies show that the average adult in the United States holds approximately 25 pounds of undigested material in our colons. That is nasty stuff. So dieting alone will not get rid of the putrid waste form our bodies. We need to find the best colon cleanse product on the market to help our systems push out all of this disgusting material before it causes serious problems. They also say that if John Wayne had used something like this he might have lived longer, because during the autopsy they found that he had 25 pounds of this undigested matter stuck to the walls of his colon. I think that we need to do something to help our bodies perform better before it is too late.

I want to loose some weight ASAP!!!

I am pregnant right now with our second child and I hope that it is girl, but everyone that I meet tells me that they wish for a girl also, but the feel it is going to be a boy. I always pray in my heart that it will be girl. Anyway the baby is due in December and we will know for sure what the sex will be. After, I give birth I want to loose some weight to get back to my pre-marriage figure. I plan on breast feeding so I do not think that are any weight loss supplements that I can take to help the weight loss along. I guess that I will just have to do it the old fashioned way until I am done breast feeding.

Our Jeep needs a makeover

Our Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited needs a lot of new truck accessories to make it look spectacular. New seat covers to make it look great and also to hide the leather from the sun so that it will not be so hot when we sit in it after it was in the sun all day. New projector headlights and LED taillights would it stand out and look awesome. One of these days my husband says that he will install these things to make it look great and worth more. I hope he does.

I want a VACATION!!!!

Since I have become a United States citizen I have not traveled anywhere in the U.S. All my Pilipino friends tell me that I have not really been to the United States until I have been to California and New York. Well, that my be, but I would really love one of many Vegas Vacations so I can visit somewhere else besides Texas and be able to relax and have someone take care of everything for me. One of these days I will get my husband to take me somewhere.