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Rhode Island insurance for Rhode Islanders

Personally, I think that car insurance is one of the biggest scams ever created to put one over on the American public. Sure it may sound like a good thing if a driver ever gets into an accident and there is supposed to be someone there to help cover the cost of the repairs, but if a driver ever gets into an accident then a lot of the insurance companies a very quick to say “You messed up so we are going to terminate our commitment to you so now you are on your own.” Sounds pleasant does it not? If these companies were really out there for our benefit they would really be there in our time of need no matter what. Unfortunately, if we do not have it we will get a fine since our state governments are in the back pockets of the auto insurance companies.

Since we have to have it and if I were in need of it then Rhode Island auto insurance is what I would get if I lived in or was moving to Rhode Island. Hopefully this insurance will not drop me if ever I was in an accident and it was no fault of my own. Even if it was my fault we have agreed to a contract that I would receive assistance no matter what as long as I held up my end of the agreement.

On the other hand if I purchased a house in Rhode Island then Rhode Island home insurance is where it is at. I am fine with home insurance since home owners are not forced to buy it by law. Since we home owners are not required to buy it unless you purchase a home the insurance companies seem to do a whole lot more for their customers and do not drop them if ever a claim were to be filed. Amazing what a little forcible action can do for a company’s health and treatment of customers.

Another benefit to consumers in the Rhode Island area is Rhode Island business insurance. Sure businesses are in business to make money, but what happens if the business is robbed, damaged by fire or something else, or an individual files a law suit against the business. Most business would fold up under these circumstances.

In closing, most insurance is out there to help the individual, but some are only there to get rich and they do not care what happens tom the little guy as long as they get there money.


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