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Gold bullion is an excellent way to protect the future

With the economy falling like a sinking ship there is a lot of talk about gold and gold IRAs these days. Some people say that you need to have some gold so if the stuff ever hits the fan you have something to trade with. Plus retirement money is more secure in gold bullion and other forms. I would like to have to have some type of gold in our portfolio if ever the time the should come or as a thing to leave to my children and for them to leave to their children's children. Unfortunately with gold soaring upwards of almost two thousand dollars and ounce it makes it quite difficult for the average Joe living pay check to pay check to get any at all. I guess if we were buy it small quantities it would be doable but I do not know.

The good thing is that there are lots of places either locally or on the web where one can buy gold bullion. This bullion can be bought in a variety of forms. One can get it in coins or buy bullion in bars. Personally I would like to have some bars I think that would be cool to show off to family and trusted friends. My husband has a somewhat gold coin that was produced after the twin towers were bombed and it is nice and has weight to it to. More like that would also nice to have as well, but money is hard to let go of right now and we really should do it before heaven forbid something terrible should happen.


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