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Multiple Sclerosis can be very hard to deal with

I am not sure if I have ever met anyone with Multiple Sclerosis, and I am sure that I would have. It really seems like a disease that would make life very difficult and very hard to do the basic things that people without MS would be able to do and take for granted. So what is MS for those of us who are not sure. Well, the information that have read is that it affects the central nervous system. I was explained that the nerves have a covering called myelin that insulates the nerves like an insulator insulates a wire so that it is able to send the electricity to its destination without shorting out. If a individual has MS it will eventually cause the nerves to degenerate and impair movements that will become very difficult to make.

So what are some symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis? Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms are fatigue, Tremors, Pain, Sexual dysfunction, and Bowel dysfunction. Most of these can be treated with exercise, and some require both. When a person has fatigue associated with MS it can be like anyone having having have fatigue and sometimes can be even more troublesome. Even if the person has had a great sleep and feels completely rested can even have fatigue and feel wore out. This type of fatigue can also lead to depression and most should know what depression is all about.

Tremors associated with MS can effect the most physically fit individuals and sometimes one can just be seen shaking. Tremors are the most difficult symptoms to treat.

Pain from having MS can be felt in any part of the body and can be irritating and feel like a burning sensation. Some medications that treat seizures have been found to be helpful.

Bowel dysfunction or constipation is the most common type of problem with Ms. This is mostly because of self imposed dehydration and bladder control. With enough physical activity or Multiple Sclerosis Exercise these can be lessened.


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