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Showing posts from April 11, 2010

A day out of the house would be a great vaction

My family never ever goes anywhere or does anything that could be deemed fun or exciting. Originally I am from the Philippines and have been here in the US since 2005 and I have not seen anything that could be said to be a tourist attraction. I would really like to go somewhere and do something even if it was only for one day. For example we could take a drive to Illinois and see some of the sights there. It would be more than a day more like a couple of days. We could even get a little culture and attend a theater production at the Rosemont Theater there. We would need to purchase our ROSEMONT THEATER TICKETS in advance so that we would not have to wait in a huge line or be turned away because of a full house.

While there in there in Illinois we can visit Chicago and maybe even catch an event at the United Center. Of course we have UNITED CENTER TICKETS purchased in advance to the event that we would like to attend before we got there. Who knows maybe we could catch a concert of some …

Life insurance quotes to be well taken care of in case of tragedy

We are looking to purchase some life insurance and we have gotten a few life insurance quotes, but we have not found anything that can fit into our budget yet. We really need something especially something to cover the mortgage if one of us passes from this world to next before we are ready. As soon as we get a break in our debt situation we will get enough to cover everything that we need so in the event that something tragic happens the survivors are well taken care of.

Our sinks really need to be updated

The sink in our kitchen is just way too small. The sinks in our bathrooms are that old shell design and I would like to update them all. One of these days we are going to have our yard well landscaped our interior updated, and yes our kitchen sink will finally be big enough and deep enough for our dishes to finally fit in. Our bath room sinks will look great and will finally be like being in a nice upscale bathroom.

Whole life insurance for that day of days

Are you insured for that fateful day when you will most inevitably meet your maker? If you do not have life insurance now is the time. The longer you wait the more expensive it will be. Plus you if get some type of illness you will not be able to get life insurance. So why wait get whole life insurance and when you are paid in full then you stop paying for it and you will still have money paid out to your loved ones to assist them with all of the unhappy duties associated with death. So keep your family from having to worry about one more thing and get life insurance to help them through that unhappy and dreadful day.

Home security systems add safety and security to our lives

Our society sure is great to part of at this time history. We have nice fuel efficient cars, quick access to money, nice houses, and many more things that make our lives easier and more enjoyable. Unfortunately with all of the technical advances that have come our way in the last century crime has also kept up the times. There was a time when families could leave the door unlocked at all times and trust the neighbors to keep an eye of things for us. Since, everyone’s lives are so busy that does not happen that much anymore. So in order to keep ourselves, our families, and our possessions safe we need to have home security systems installed to add safety and peace mind knowing that someone we trust is always looking out for us even we are sleeping or away.

We sure could use a metal building

We were finally able to purchase our first home back in December and we still have way to much stuff to fit it all in our house. A lot of our stuff is still in the garage, but we still have room for our cars. Even though our cars are in the garage some metal buildings of some kind would be great to put everything else in which would make much more room in the garage. Unfortunately our little piece of heaven is just to small for a storage building.

Alcohol rehab but not until ready

Most of us know someone or several people that we feel has a problem with either alcohol addiction or drug addiction. Most of the time we the friends or acquaintances can see the problem, but the individual(s) can not. Mostly they say “I do not have a problem” or “I can stop at anytime”. Those individuals have a serious problem with their addictions.

Many times some of these people can stop on their own mostly with the help of a friend or relative to be by their side at all times. Statistics show those individuals with these additions who attend meetings such as Alcoholics anonymous or some other alcohol rehab or drug detox and attend a residential drug rehab program are more likely to be able to change and better their situation than an individual doing it on their own. All this is fine and dandy, but if the individual has not reached the bottom where they have lost or about to loose everything maybe even go to jail and be willing to change these programs will in most cases not be ef…