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Is a Myrtle beach Hotel in the cards?

Finally, our son is done with his first year of school as a pre-kindergarten student. No more rushing him to school early in the morning until school starts in the early fall. I do miss the quiet time when he was at school though. I also enjoy it when he is here. No since it is all over and while we are waiting for the new school year to begin we can go on a much needed family vacation and get leave all of our troubles at home and relax for a little while. Someone suggested that I look at to see if there are some good deals and great places to go on that site. So I checked it out and we might go there.

Myrtle Beach hotel resort has a lot of fun activities for the whole family. Our son loves the water and there are some excellent pools for him to get wet in and have lots of fun doing it. Not only are there pools but there is a water recreation place, and a lazy river. My husband and our son could have a lot of fun chasing each other in the lazy river. W…

A custom computer a be a great investment

With all of the advances in technology everyday when we purchase anything that is electronic pretty much the time you pay for it, it is now obsolete. There is no way to get around this. The closest way is to purchase the latest and greatest thing as soon as it comes available. Unfortunately, most of us are not wealthy enough to do that. So we have to pick and choose our electronics battles. One way to do this is by ordering custom computers or custom laptops that have all of the latest and greatest hardware and software. Then when the time comes you can just upgrade the existing system and stay a few steps behind for not the price of a new computer.

If you are not all that technological and do not feel that upgrading your custom computer is something that you can do. Then there are lots of places that will be glad to do this for you. If you are looking to save money then doing it yourself is always the best route to take. But you can be assured that if a professional upgrades your cust…

Sams last few days in Pre-K

These pictures were taken during Sam's last few days in Pre-K. He had been in Pre-K in this school since we moved to our new house. It is a good school, Most of the people I talk to before we move to our new house told me that the school he was in last school year was a really good one. I believe so, because it is a recognized school in Texas. Aside from that, Sam had a really sweet and loving teacher, I have never met such a sweet teacher as Mrs. Jones. I love her! She took care of the children really well. She taught my son a lot, like learning to read books, mastering how to write his name ( Sam can write his name well now, :) and a lot more. I am very proud of him. I was really surprised when his teacher handed me the stories that Samuel made at school. I love love love that book and It is sooo precious to me! I wish I could show it to everyone of you.