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Family goings on

These pictures were taken one Monday afternoon when we went to Home Depot to buy lawn mower. In one of the pictures, Jason was deciding which lawn mower to buy. Of course we want to buy the one that is affordable and works best. So we chose the one that we want. I cant not remember the type of lawn mower we got, ha ha, but we pay $300.00 for it. Jason tried it right away when we got home. He said it works good. I am glad we have our own lawn mower now!

What about this home based business thing?

My husband and I are always looking for a good home based businesswhere we can finally become financially independent and be able to take for ourselves when we want to and not when an employer says we can. I am always looling toward the day when my husband can be home all day and help me with the kids instead of going to work and leaving me to it until he returns home. He is even lookingto starting his own business using the things he knows how to do.

Isurance for the worst of times so that it can become the best of times

With the way the job market is going and the rate that employees at various companies are being laid off it is becoming more and more difficult for bread winners to provide adequately for their families. We were in that situation about one year ago, and be the grace of GOD we were able to make it through that unfortunate circumstance. So what do we do if there is no help and you can not work due to an illness or an injury for an extended amount of time. One such way to help through the tough times is with guardian income insurance. This type of insurance would help families make it through the tough times helping to cover most of the income that the bread winners were bringing home. This is something that would have been awesome for us when we could not get adequate income due to an injury.

Let’s say that you are minding your own business and a paint can falls off the scaffolding and hits you on the head and you die because of it. Well, this is called accidental death and what happens …

Look at us!!!

Read the Holy Scriptures

Last week at Relief Society class I taught about "Scriptures". This lesson can be found in our Church Gospel Principles book. I was ( always ) nervous when I taught. Imagine teaching women ages 18 years old and up at our church, Most of them are pioneers of our Church, mothers, older and experienced than me, that really stresses me! But of course, as the popular scripture verse says, "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding, In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." (Prov.3:5-6.), i always made it. Let me share with you my lesson about Scripture last Sunday.

Like prayer, Scriptures are one of the greatest blessings we have while we are here on earth. Reading the Holy Scriptures can answer to every question we may have in life. Many times in my life, when I feel disappointed or discouraged, confused maybe afraid, I turn to scriptures, search for comforting words and feel the closeness of our Savi…

Unlocked Phones are the best phones

What is the best way to have a cell phone? In my opinion it is having an unlocked cell phone. I think having an unlocked phone is great because your options are not limited to one cell carrier. The only thing to look out for in using an unlocked phone is weather or not the cell provider is either CDMA or GSM. Even though there are two different carrier signals an unlocked phone is still the best way to go.

Office furniture supplies getting low?

Does the office look a bit out of date or even lacking some minor necessities? If so it sounds like it is time for some more office furniture supplies. If the chair is held together by twine and bailing wire it might be time to get out of cheap seat and into something more extravagant and comfortable. Even if paper and other supplies are low restocking can make it look more professional and easier to manage.

What is the best way to acheive stomach fat loss?

How to rid your temple of unwanted and unsightly stomach fat? There a few ways in which one can accomplish this lofty goal. I say lofty because getting rid of the bulge around the waist line can be quit difficult. One way to stomach fat loss is by doing cardiovascular activities such as running, swimming, jump rope, and anything else that gets the heart pumping. Another way is by using supplements, but which ones are good and will work and which ones will just be a waist of your hard earned money. In any case slimming the waist can be a good thing for our health.