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When we get our new tv we are going to need a good tv stand to go with it

Since our Samsung flat screen TV has started to fail we have been giving a lot of thought to purchasing a new flat panel TV to hang on our fireplace. We would like to have to have on that is between 48” to 60”. That would look really great hanging on our fireplace. Before we can do that we are going to need to choose from a variety of tv stands to make it look great and be secure. We are hoping that we will be able to do this in the near future.

Does prototype 37c really do what it claims to do?

As a woman I like most women are always looking for the best solution to eliminate or even lessen the signs of wrinkles on my face when they begin to show up. Botox is a good way to help to lessen wrinkles but it is expensive, only lasts for about a few months, and leaves your face looking like it is paralyzed. I was reading about a wrinkle cream called prototype 37c which claims to be able to do all the same things as botox, but with all of the side effects and it is a cream and not an injection. Maybe I will try this when the time comes. Has anyone ever used this product and does it really work for you?

I am taking prenatal vitamins until my son is weaned from my breast milk.

Six months ago I gave birth to our second son Benjamin. He is growing like a weed and loves to stand up, but he gets bored with that and wants to beheld. I have been taking one a day prenatal vitamins to help him get all of the vitamins he needs from my breast milk. I was also taking them while I was pregnant to ensure that he was strong and healthy and that I would have the vitamins that I needed as well. I would encourage all pregnant mothers out there to begin a daily regimen of prenatal vitamins for you and the baby.

HGH supplements are used to increase muscle mass faster

There are a lot of supplements out there that people are using as a daily regimen to increase muscle mass and burn off fat faster. My husband would like to try the best hgh supplements to aid in his weight lifting to increase his muscle mass quicker. I have heard that it acts like steroids, but it is not. It is a supplement that makes your body produce a hormone that increase the muscles size and strength. Maybe one of these days he will try it and see it really does what it claims to do.

An Amish Fireplace is a elegantly simple way to stay comfortable and safe in the winter.

When my husband was growing up they lived in all sorts of houses that did have very good insulation of central heating. Most of the time all they had for heating was a central heating unit in the family room. So if anyone was really cold they would go and stand in front of it to get warmer. If the Amish fireplace had been around when he growing up then more than likely they would have all been warm and relieve the danger of being burned of a fire getting out of control.

We will all get old and many of us will need an oxygen concentrator to help us breathe

One of these days we are all going to get old and there is nothing that any us can do about it. Sure there are people out there who are always looking for the proverbial fountain of youth, but let’s face it, it does not exist. A symptom of getting old is the fact some of us will not be able to breathe very well and we more than likely need to have some kind of portable oxygen concentrator to bring us pure oxygen so that we can breathe better and have less difficulties. For me I hope that I will not need one of these.

Grocery store tote bags are joke and we will not use them.

It seems to me that the more everyone tries to “Go Green” as they everything that they sell is worthless pieces of cheap garbage. Take the grocery store custom tote bags for example. They may look nice and they might even try to lessen the amount of plastic bags people use. Have you ever looked to see how many people actually use them? Not very many and most of those are little old ladies. I believe the reason no uses them is because they cost way too much and break almost every time after the first use. So of course the stores want us to use them because so easily and we have to keep buying them over and over again. Not this family we are going to stick with the plastic bags until they are outlawed completely.

If any of my family had mesotheliom I would get a lawyer quick

My husband’s grandfather passed away a few years ago from complications of a broken hip. One thing I found out recently is that he used to be a sailor in the navy back in the days when they used asbestos to line the interior of the ships with. Fortunately he did not get mesothelioma. If he had I am sure that his family would have hired a Mesothelioma lawyer and got the best care for him possible until that horrible affliction finally took its toll. I know I would have, and I am pretty sure that I am not alone.

I wish my husband would use anti wrinkle cream when he works outside!

My husband is so stubborn. He drives a truck on the yard of a distribution center and he is in the sun for almost four hours everyday. I keep trying to get him to use this wrinkle cream that I have so his skin will not like it is one hundred years old prematurely. I hope one of these days he will just shut his mouth and do what I ask of him because it good for him and I like his skin the way it is now.

Some of those diet pills scare me so I just work out without them.

Do diet pills actually work? I do not really know since I have not actually used any. Some of those diet pills really scare me since some of them actually cause more harm than good. Some people claim they do and those pictures of those good looking fit people really make me want to try them to see if they will actually hold up to their claims. But I think that I will just continue as I am working out on my own and not using those scary pills.

Our ceiling fans need to go.

As we have posted before we purchased a house recently and we are proud of it. We look forward to the day when we can afford to purchase a new house, but we are happy for now. Although, we like our new house there are still a few things that we would like to change such as the wooden privacy fence, the ceiling fans and other projects. Unfortunately, it all requires money and therefore we will do them one by one until we get them all fixed according to our liking.

Lsat prep is still a long way a way for us

Fortunately for my husband and I our children are still very young so we do not have to worry about college yet. Those days are coming though. Tiring will be the days of school searching and lsat prep as well as all of the other pre college entrance exams. As a mother I am not looking forward to my little boys growing up. If I had my way they would always be little boys, but they have to grow up and we will be ready when they do.

Canoeing and Swimming at Mineral Wells State park

In the above picture from left to right is Jason, Rachelle, Linda and I. We were canoeing in this picture at Mineral Wells, Texas on Memorial day last month. It was pretty hot that day, but we had fun.

In this picture, Samuel went canoeing too. Now I was really worried about his safety when he and his cousins went canoe with only one adult. But Samuel was not scared. Brave boy!

In the picture below, Sam was enjoying swimming for the first time in the lake. I don't like to swim in lake water that's why I was having second thoughts of letting Sam go swimming in the lake. But he sure had fun with his cousins, aunts and uncles. I did not swim but I watched and took care of our little baby.

Our bridesmaid gifts were really good.

When my husband and I were married back in 2004 we were married in the Philippines and it was a beautiful marriage. One special thing about it was that his parents, one of his brothers and his little sister came to the wedding. We also had some very good bridesmaid gifts as well. The whole thing turned out spectacular and I would not change a thing.

Rhode Island insurance for Rhode Islanders

Personally, I think that car insurance is one of the biggest scams ever created to put one over on the American public. Sure it may sound like a good thing if a driver ever gets into an accident and there is supposed to be someone there to help cover the cost of the repairs, but if a driver ever gets into an accident then a lot of the insurance companies a very quick to say “You messed up so we are going to terminate our commitment to you so now you are on your own.” Sounds pleasant does it not? If these companies were really out there for our benefit they would really be there in our time of need no matter what. Unfortunately, if we do not have it we will get a fine since our state governments are in the back pockets of the auto insurance companies.

Since we have to have it and if I were in need of it then Rhode Island auto insurance is what I would get if I lived in or was moving to Rhode Island. Hopefully this insurance will not drop me if ever I was in an accident and it was no fau…

I really should get to a dentist

My husband has finally got a pretty good job, and now we have medical, dental, and vision coverage. Unfotunately we do not use the dental. I do need some dental work before it gets to late. If we lived somewhere else like North Carolina I would use a charlotte dentist so that my dental issues could be resolved and to make sure that my families teeth are always at their best.

Online stock trading can bea great investment for our retirement

We are young yet so retirement is still several years away, but it is coming and it is coming faster than we would like. We really do not have anything put away for our retirement so when it hits we will be a world of financial difficulty. Unfortunately, in my opinion there are probably thousands of Americans who are in the same the situation as we are in. There is however one way we can change of difficult situation and if we do it right can be set for the rest of our lives. We can accomplish our financial goals by a Stock Trading. This can be a risky venture, but the dividends can be very high. Unfortunately one never knows what the stock market is going to do from day to day let alone hour to hour.

With today’s invention of computers and the internet we do not even have to leave the house in order to trade. We can simply do Online Trading with a number of potential Online Brokers. We can even do our trading with Mobile Trading and do it while we are sitting on the beach or in pool s…

Vacation deals the whole family can enjoy. Guaranteed!

As is gets hotter and hotter people are looking for a way to escape the heat and turmoil of everyday life and relax for a few days to several weeks or months in order to recharge and be ready for the hassles of everyday life. We are not exempt from the difficulties of daily life, and we are needing to get away for a while as well before Samuel goes back to school in few months. A place to sit back and relax and maybe hits a few golf balls is what the doctor ordered. We are looking a to see if there are some great Myrtle Beach vacation deals. Maybe we will and maybe we will not.

We do know that Myrtle Beach hotel and resorts are beautiful and offer many amenities for any type of vacationer and one can really relax and feel we rested for the craziness of everyday life when ever they decide to return. With the great deals and way everyone can feel like a prince or princess while spending time at the beach or at the many shows why would anyone ever want to leave…