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Showing posts from July 25, 2010

This Texas heat needs for us to get away and bee cool for a while

It is finally August and it is really starting to hot here in Texas. The weather reports for the week of August first are supposed to be in the triple digits. For those of you who know Texas weather it can be very hot. I think that will try and see if can cook an egg on the sidewalk this week just to see if it can really be done. After that I really would like to find to find a place for us to vacation before our oldest son Sam returns to school. I found this website and it sounds like a really nice place to stay for a while. Maybe even check out the golf course and hit a few balls.

Since I have been here in the states I have not left Texas except for the trip to Texas form the Philippines. I really want to visit some other places in this country and a Myrtle Beach hotel is as good a place to start as any. They have museums, water parks, swimming pools, and whole lot more for a family to do in order to relax and unwind and bask in each others company for a few days. Wh…

We need some planters to give life to our home

As I have written in previously we were finally able to purchase our first home almost eight months ago. While we like our house it could use a few improvements to make it more beautiful and give it excellent curb appeal. One thing that our house is lacking is a variety of flowers and other plants around it. One thing that would help to enhance beauty would some planters around the front of the house to give it that extra special look. I am not sure what type of flowers I would plant in the planter, but I can guarantee that they would have lots and lots of color come spring and summer. Then when fall and winter come around I would have some blooms that would look good in the cold times as well.
Some more things that would enhance out homes beauty would be a garden planter. We kind of have a small garden next to the road but it has all types of flowers. Some of the flowers are roses and lambs ears. I would like to use some decorative planters to add some extra curb appeal to those passi…

Get an alarm system and keep all that you love safe

It was not really that long ago when Americans were able to leave their doors unlocked and their windows open and no one would who was uninvited would enter. It sure would be nice if those days were still here. It would be nice to able to let our children run around our neighborhoods and know that would be safe. Unfortunately we no longer in that society. There still are some patches in this magnificent country where families can do those things, but they are slowly dwindling away.
Since we no longer live in that type of society what can we do to ensure that our property and our families are safe and secure. We can start with the basics and make sure that our doors and windows are locked when ever there is no one at home to protect everything. We can even enlist the help of a home security team to help us make sure that all of our basis are covered in the event that something bad will happen. These teams can also consist of police departs such as the Fort Worth, PD. Since police office…

Is Dish TV better than Cable?

We are just like the average family when it comes to television service. At least I think we are in the majority, but we might be not be anymore. What I mean is that when it comes to television we just have plain old free television and DVD’s. We would like to have dish TV, but right now it is out of our scope of things to have pay for right now. I do know that my husband and my son really enjoy having it, so we will eventually get it again. I liked it to because with all of the channels who knows what might interesting and what might be absolutely boring. I also like it because we can watch our church related services on the television and not have to leave the house. That is really great when you have small children and they make it hard to pay attention because of the short attention spans and constant pestering about something that they want. Since we have an infant that is breast feeding having that type of television service is a great thing.
Maybe one day when there are some goo…

Are rehab centers a good thing?

Do drug rehab and alcohol rehab centers really work? Some people swear by them and others who say that it is a waste of time. I really only personally know one individual who has been through an alcohol treatment center. This individual was not successful with alcohol treatment. When they left the center it was straight for the liquor store. So to me it was a big waste of time. This individual had the support of his wife, kids, and mother, but was still unsuccessful. I think that in order for it to truly work and for the individuals to stay clean and sober they must truly want it more than the addiction. Until these individuals achieve that state they will never truly be free of their addictions no matter what is is.

I know some people who know other people who have benefited from drug treatment and their lives are for the better. They still have the desire for these addictions which will never go away, but they are able to keep in check with assistance and staying away from situations…