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A PS3 would be nice to have in our video game collection

At our house we have a few video game devices. We have a PS2, a PS1, an XBox, and a XBox 360. I would like to have a Wii and my husband would like to have a PS3. He says that it can play blue ray DVD's and would look great with a nice HDTV, but unfortunately it is out of price range right now. He was trying to by one that needs to be repaired since he can do that but has been unable to get one. Maybe one day we have all of the video game systems and have lots of fun.

iPhone 4 accessories to keep it safe and secure.

Right now my husband and I both have the iPhone 3G and we like it. It helps me to stay in contact with all of my friends and family and be able to surf the web from any location that has good signal or wifi. I am not sure if we will get the iPhone 4 or not but if we do I would like to some nice iphone 4 accessories to go with the iPhone to keep it safe and to charge it while I am away from home. I think the phone looks nice but I have heard that if you hold it wrong it will drop the call. Although Apple was supposed to have sent out some phone covers to stop that from happening. Seems kind of strange to me.

An online auction can be very exciting

Many people now a days are using an online auction of some type to get the things that they need or in most cases want. There is usually no taxes and it can be much cheaper than the store. Plus there is no waiting in long lines or having to put up with obnoxious people who are loud and uncontentious. My husband uses online auctions for all kinds of things and now I am starting to use it too. I think it is fun and enjoyable when it says you are the winner.

Texans sure could have used snow boots last Feburary

Here in Texas I does not really snow enough to warrant the use of snow boots, but last February 2010 a good pair of snow boots would have really come in handy. Not to mention a good snow shovel and chains for the tires. We got so much snow that my husband cleared of the snow from our driveway and in a few hours it was as if it had never been cleared away. Now that is a lot of snow for Texas. Our son loved it though. Got to be out of school and got to make a snow man with his dad which lasted for a one day before it melted. He hopes it will snow again next year. Not me.

Auto insurance coverage can be a life saver

When it comes to auto insurance coverage a driver can never have to much coverage. The more a driver has the better off he or she will be if ever there comes a time for the insurance to go to work. So now that you know that you need insurance which one is good and will be there in your time of need. Personally one who will give forgive a small fender bender is a good one and one that offers excellent coverage for all types of situations is another good one. But mostly one just has to go ahead and jump in and if it is not the right one move around until the one you are waiting for comes around.

Are medical scrubs for everyone?

There are hundreds if not thousands of individuals out there that are either nurses, doctors, or nurses assistants. These people have got to have iron stomachs to see and clean up from day to day the things that they see. I am not sure if could do it, but I have thought of a nursing career in my past, and I wish I had done that instead of the direction that went. Maybe one day I will do it. Anyway since all of these people who work in the medical field need medical scrubs and uniforms of some sort where do they get them. Are they provided by the hospital or do they have to purchase them on their own? I tend to think that just as a police officer has to buy just about everything they need for their jobs a person in the medical field also has to buy the things they need to perform their jobs as well.

So if they buy them where do they get them? They get them form a medical uniforms store the specializes in custom made scrubs that will do what the wearer will need it to do to keep them dr…

Top online schools to help us further our education

Many of us really do not have the time necessary to enroll in a traditional college to further our educations. Fortunately, there are some Top Online Schools to help us meet our goals and eventually get that six figure career to better ourselves and be able to help our families in their times of need. After all, what good is all of that money if you do not help out. Not much indeed.

Our mailbox is secured in brick

Well, summer is over for all of those children out there returning to school, and I am sure many of us are grateful that some of the vandalism perpetrated by some of these individuals is over. Oh, but what destruction these uncontrolled youths can reek on our neighborhoods. Some of these vandals spray paint graffiti on walls and almost anything that solid. Others like to damage things that are a little bit easier to fix and that is the mailbox. I have heard of mailboxes being blow up by fire crackers left over from July fourth and other exploding holidays. Some even use vehicles to run them down and some even use the time old tradition of using the baseball bat and smashing them to pieces. I have heard of various ways in which people try to curtail this outlandish behavior by removing the mail box after the mail has been delivered. Some have even gone as far filling the mailbox with cement. You can imagine what hitting a mailbox filled with cement would do an arm and I can say that it…

Gold bullion is an excellent way to protect the future

With the economy falling like a sinking ship there is a lot of talk about gold and gold IRAs these days. Some people say that you need to have some gold so if the stuff ever hits the fan you have something to trade with. Plus retirement money is more secure in gold bullion and other forms. I would like to have to have some type of gold in our portfolio if ever the time the should come or as a thing to leave to my children and for them to leave to their children's children. Unfortunately with gold soaring upwards of almost two thousand dollars and ounce it makes it quite difficult for the average Joe living pay check to pay check to get any at all. I guess if we were buy it small quantities it would be doable but I do not know.

The good thing is that there are lots of places either locally or on the web where one can buy gold bullion. This bullion can be bought in a variety of forms. One can get it in coins or buy bullion in bars. Personally I would like to have some bars I think th…

Our credit score was finally in the right place

As I have spoken about in times past we were looking for a house of our own for a long time. Our last endeavor found me pregnant with out second child and we busy looking for a house so that we could get out of the apartment we were in since it was very small and had all kinds of problems that the owners would do nothing about or were unable to fix. I think that it was a little bit of both myself. Anyway my husband and I were finally able to a good credit score in order to purchase a house. It was not our first choice, but we liked it. After all of our other choices met with various problems of one or another were finally said okay this is the house for us for right now. Some time in the future would like to be able to purchase a home that no one has lived in before. That is my dream to have a brand new home and big enough to be able to have our families stay in if they need to. One day it will happen.

When that day comes we hope to have a great credit rating and get a free credit scor…