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Thank goodness we are a long away from teenage drivers

We have two small children one of which just started school again in August. Fortunately for us they are a long way from being teenage drivers and needing car insurance for teenagers, but as we have already found out the time goes by really fast and soon we will need that insurance. I am not looking forward to teaching them how to drive. I have already told my husband that he will be doing that. I do not think that he liked that idea to much.

Once our children do start driving just like any other teenage drivers they will want new cars of their own. I am sorry to say that unless we are filthy rich they may not even get a used car to call their own unless they get a job and pay for it themselves. We as parents may not like it but it is their money and if they can be responsible for it they can have it. Also, they will be responsible for their own insurance and any tickets or fines that they may incur.

Lucky for us this is a ways off yet but for some others they may need an instant car in…