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Showing posts from October 31, 2010

Local search for local things.

am sure that just everyone on the planet has google to look up something at sometime. There are however alternative means to find out what we are looking for. Before google the was the old way of letting of our fingers do the walking through the giant books called phone books or the yellow pages or something like that. We might have even talked to some of friends, our relatives, or even neighbors to find out if maybe they had need of what we were looking for. Sometimes they did and sometimes they did not. Well, now that we have the internet in our homes or even on our mobile devices it is even easier to find what we are looking for.

We can start by looking at the local yellowpages. The online version of the yellow pages is very helpful. We can find business and private numbers as well as address. Most of the time it will even be accompanied by a map to show us exactly where it is. is great for a local search of nation search. Whichever we are needing the time.

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Kwikset brand door hardware for our interior doors

Before we moved in we went out and bought new locks for our doors. Were told this is a good practice because who knows who may have a key. We might be sleeping and someone comes in because they have a key. My brother in law told us they changed the locks on the house before they moved and they actually had someone come by and try to get in with an old key. Now that we have our house and have new door locks it is time to update the door knobs here inside the house and I like Kwikset brand locks and door hardware. When we start updating the interior door hardware I think we will look more into them.

Finally somewhere to go get acne product comparisons

Many of us suffered through acne in our teenage years and now that we are adults we are still suffering from it. Some of us have found a solution that works for them while others are still searching. Fortunately there products out there to help us clear up and even rid ourselves of these self confidence killing blemishes. The unfortunate thing about the products is that there are so many how do we know which ones are right for us. Luckily there are websites out there that offer acne product comparison so that we know which ones might work and which ones might just be a cream with no affect at all toward the clearing up of the blemishes. Thank you to all those who do their homework so those of us who need it can be able to have the right products to rid ourselves of acne.

Address plaques to add some sophistication and beauty to our homes

Our home is the same as other homes where the address of our property is those lame ugly numbers that are hard see from the road. I think that our house needs some type of home address plaques to give it that sophisticated look. There are many different styles to choose from and finding the right one is not going to be easy, but when get it it will be awesome.

I kind of like the address plaque that hangs from a cross member of a post or hangs from the ceiling of the outside porch. It would have our family name in large print and our house number so that all who passed by would be able to know who lives here and what our address is.

I also like the address sign that goes in the yard near the road or where ever it looks best. There are tow kinds of these. One is just a sign that has the family name and the property number and one that has solar powered light sits on top of the plaque so that it can be seen in the dark. I like to one that has the light on it more than the one without.