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Showing posts from December 5, 2010

My husband fixes xbox, cell phones and now Wii

My husband is trying to start a business where he works on electronics. He first started out working on cell phones of any make or model. Then he added game consoles like xbox, and Wii. He has even sold two of the xbox consoles that he repaired. He recently purchased the Nintendo Wii repaired it and not is going to a Christmas gift to our children. They will love. I know my husband does.

I love my electric blanket in the cold

I have been telling my husband for months now that I am very cold when winter arrives and do not like being cold. So for my birthday this year he got me an electric blanket. I love it. It gives off nice heat and keeps me and my feet warm and makes sleeping more satisfying and comfortable. Still I can not wait until the cold is over and the warm is back.

Our son will need a sneaker store very soon

Our youngest son will be one year old in December. He has not really started walking yet, but he is standing. We he does begin to walk we will need to get him some shoes from a sneaker stores so that his little feet can be protected form the ground and so that he can walk a little better. Until then he will just crawl around and make us miserable with all of his crying because he is to slow to keep up.

A Honda generator can be a way to break free of the power comapnies

Being in a house of our own we like everyone else are subject to the whims of the power companies. If they wish to turn off the power for any given amount of time they can and will, and we are all stuck until the decide to turn it back on. So I think that having a honda generators or solar panels is a good way to go so that we do not have suffer at the whims of a company who decides when we are cool or hot. We should be able to do this ourselves and be comfortable at any time fro any reason.

Death by breathing is Mesothelioma

There are still lots of people out there in this country as well as others how suffer from the effects of Mesothelioma. Not only does it affect those who have it with breathing problems, but it also reeks havoc on those that care for the individual emotionally. As far as I know there is no cure for this disease so I hope there is a least some comfort for those who have it, but I am think they suffer greatly until they pass over.

I wish my husband was still using a pull up bar!

Many years ago when my husband was much younger and before we were married my husband had a room mate that got a hold of a pull up bar and they used it religiously. I can say that I knew my husband back then and he looked good because of the pull ups that he was doing. I wish he had continued doing them, but life takes you in different ways sometimes and those types of things can be difficult to do.