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Chocolate the best candy nature has to offer.

There are a lot of great things in this life that I really enjoy. A few of those things are family, friends, going to church and of course my personal favorite chocolate. I really enjoy chocolate and the way that it makes feel when I am savoring a piece or several pieces of a good chocolate. One of the best chocolates that I have had so far is Belgian chocolates. The way that just melt in mouth and the taste. Wow out of this world. I could eat a whole box of Belgian chocolates in one sitting and not even feel guilty at all.

I am sure that there are some more really delicious chocolate out there, but I have not really come across any. In the Philippines when we want really delicious chocolate we have to go by what is called the imported foods store to get some good chocolate.

Not only do I enjoy the taste and texture of chocolate as it works its way over my pulsating taste buds and down to stomach, but I love the smell of it as well. I wonder what it would be like to take a tour of a chocolate factory and bask in the wonderful smell of chocolate there. I bet it is fantastic and unforgettable. Until that day arrives I will just have to get my fix from the local grocery store and savor the unforgettable taste and smell of chocolate. My is watering as I write. Where or where is my chocolate?


Unknown said…
Nothing can compare the chocolate to that local brands.~~Granite Dining Table

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