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Lockers are here to help us relax and have fun.

Are lockers really necessary anymore in schools? With technology advancing so fast that paper is almost obsolete then why is there a need for any type of locker in schools? Lockers are indeed use full for many reasons. Not only are they needed to house school paraphernalia they are also used for book bags, bag lunches, coats, jackets, and much more. They are there for the convenience of the students.

Unfortunately, these so called school lockers are used for as much negative as they are for the positive. Some students keep weapons, drugs, dirty pictures, and a whole lot of other negative potentially damaging items. That is why some schools have almost done away with lockers entirely except for the gym lockers for the athletes to keep their belongings during practices and games. Back to technology. Since it is moving so fast most text books can be put on line or on a hand held device that can totally due away hard copies of text books. Yes there are draw backs, but I believe that good out ways the bad. In any case I still believe that lockers in schools are still a positive thing that make school life a little easier.

In the world outside of school lockers are totally necessary for certain instances. Such place as theme parks and pools offer these lockers to keep our belongings safe and out of the reach of people who would take them and do bad things with our identifications and other stuff as well. Some of these places have the lockers hidden so that it does not look to unsightly. Some times wood lockers are used to match the decor and make it look more upscale. Without lockers how can feel safe when we are out of sight of our stuff. I an thankful that there are lockers so that we can relax and not have to worry about our belongings when are trying to have fun.


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