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Video games are a great form of entertainment

In my opinion on of the most popular forms entertainment today is video games. There are various ways that an individual can play video games. When video games first hit the seen most people had to go to a place referred to as a “video arcade” in order to play a variety of games. It was not until the advancement of technology where computer components became small enough to fit inside that of a small box to be played in the home. Now thanks to this technology most video arcades are obsolete. In some ways this good because children no longer have to risk their safety in order to have fun.

Another way that technology has improved video gaming is by online play. Now not only can play by yourself or versus the computer players can play others via a web connection to any person in the world. This greatly improves the fun and skill of players. It also allows players to get to know individuals with varying nationalities and backgrounds. Thereby linking the whole world together via a video game and tearing down walls that separate people because of differing beliefs, prejudices, and misunderstandings.

Video games have also made their way into the military. They utilize something called simulators or “sims” to pilot unmanned vehicles into dangerous situations where a human life might be lost or seriously harmed or captured. So no longer is sitting in front of a monitor bad for your health. It could inevitably save countless lives and homes.


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