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Showing posts from February 27, 2011

The clutch, pressure plate and the thrust bearing in our car need to be replaced

I think that the clutch in my husband's car is wearing out. He says that sometimes while shifting it misses third gear and grinds. Sometimes he has a hard time putting it into reverse unless he taps the gas and increases the rpms. He says when it gets replaced the clutch, the pressure plate, and the thrust bearings will all need to be replaced so that it shifts as smooth as possible.

My husband really needs a tech job to help us out

I am always on my husbands case to study for his A+ exam so that he can get one of many tech jobs and get out of the dead end job that he is in now and so that he can finally have decent hours. Also, so that he can utilize his degree that he has and is paying for. I hope that finally he will get with the program and do this so we can all be better off.

My husband is always talking about begining his own business or franchise opportunity

I think that my husband kind of thinks as himself as an entrepreneur, because he is always talking about having his own business. I think that he would be fine with any type of franchise opportunities there might be out there. The only problem is that we do not have the funds necessary in order to begin a business. So I guess for now we will keep on the course that we are on.

SSDI is for individuals who are younger than 65

My husband has friend that he has know for a very long time. They kind of fell out of touch for several years due to life, but they have since become acquainted again. When they met again come to find out that he is on SSDI. This is called Social Security Disability Insurance. He has a condition that makes him permanently disabled and can not work. He is doing great though and just got married a while back.

My husband had to wear an ankle brace when his ankle cracked.

Almost three years ago my husband was working on my car and it fell off the jack and landed on his ankle. He says that he a feeling that he needed to put the tire that he was sitting on under the vehicle, but decided not to. Well, after he was at the doctor they put him in an ankle brace that he wore most of the time that he was healing. He liked it because it had a thing to pump it up. He used it whenever the pain was high and it made it feel better. If only he had listened to the inspiration we might be better off today than we are now.