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Showing posts from May 8, 2011

hair loss

My husband is a candidate for hair loss treatment. I wonder how much it would cost us to treat his receding hairline. I heard it is expensive to regrow hair. My husband does not care about his hair loss, but I do. I have been reading about hair loss treatment for men and I wonder if there is a cheapest and safest way to regrow hair, and if there is one, we will really try it.

So we can watch our favorite shows in our rooms

We have TV's in our bedrooms that need indoor antennas. I am thinking to get one so I can watch my favorite show while I am relaxing inside our bedroom. Also when we have antenna in our bedroom, my children can also watch their cartoon shows in our room while I am cleaning our room and closet. I am sure my husband would also love to have antenna in our rooms.