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Do you like titanium rings?

Do you like titanium rings ? Or are you looking for a platinum, gold or silver rings? Try this website , They sell a wide variety of jewelry. I love jewelry, I learned how to make jewelry using beautiful beads such as pearls and swarovski rhinestone on my own. I also love rings, but the one that I always wear is the gold band. It is so comfortable wearing it.

Scopes for your hobby

My husband has a telescope that is sitting in our garage. I wonder if he is still interested with that. He told me one time that he wanted to star gaze with our eldest son. I am sure our son will be excited to know that. Our son has a pair of small binoculars that he uses whenever he is in the car. Maybe someday I will surprise him with a new binoculars. He just loves scopes like his dad.

Tasty green cocktails for St Patrick's day

Guest post written by Ellen Roberson.
I take advantage of a cause for celebration, so I decided to throw a St. Patrick's Day party this year at my place. Once my friends heard about it, they were definitely on board for it. I'm pretty excited for it. I've been planning it over the past few weeks and I have a few friends that also love to throw parties that are helping me out too.I went looking for a little party inspiration online and when I was doing that I found the site After I read through it some, I switched over my electricity provider to one of the ones that I found on that website.I found some really tasty sounding green cocktails and can't wait to actually mix some of them up for the party. I love to play bartender at these things, so I'm going to do that again with these drink recipes. I have a cute little bar cart that I love to use for these things. It also gives the living room in my apartment a little vintage style.

Find your online univeristy

This year or early next year my husband will go back to school for his career advancement. I hope this plan will materialize. To make this thing happen, I have to get a part time job to help him with school expenses and family extra expenses. Right now, I am not sure which University here in Dallas Fort Worth area he would like to attend. I would like him to consider an online university . Someday I would also like to go back to school, and try studying online.

Best cellphone case

My iPhone cellphone case broke when we went to the Philippines last month. Now, I am looking for best cell phone case . Maybe leather case will be a good one. My husband has a leather cellphone case and it looks durable. I need to check online if I can find one like his. When you have children like mine, who always grab your phone, it is a good idea to have a cellphone case to protect your phone.

Replace your kitchen doors

Now that we have our own house, we can now do whatever we want for our house. Having your own house is quite expensive and a lot of work. I did not realize that until we settle here. We like our house and we have so many plans for it to make it look more beautiful, like scraping off the pop corns designs on our ceilings and repaint them, replacing our plastic vinyl blinds to bamboo ones. There are some things that my husband wants to upgrade, like kitchen cupboard doors , kitchen unit doors, kitchen doors and kitchen counters. He wants to upgrade our kitchen counters to granite counters. I think that would be beautiful, but I guess it would be pricey to do that. I am sure there are some companies out there that sell cheap products for your home improvement like cheap kitchen doors ,cupboard doors and others.

Maybe someday when we have enough money we will replace everything in our kitchen including our appliances. It would be nice to have a granite counter top, and nice kitchen cup…

I love Incheon Korea Airport

In our lay over in Korea from the Philippines, my children enjoyed our 6 hours of stay at Incheon Airport because of their play area. I thought our lay over in Korea will be boring, but thanks to this play area, my children did not fuss nor cried the whole time we were there. They enjoyed those slides. It is really a nice airport.

Get the right thrush treatment.

If you are suffering from thrush you need to seek out medical help as soon as possible. There are many medicines that you can buy out there, but make sure that you get the right thrush treatment or you waste your time and money. I have never had thrush before so I have no idea how it feels to have it. I read online that some of the symptoms of thrush are a burning feeling in the mouth and throat.

Equestrian boots and more for your horse riding

Do you love horses? Do you buy riding stuff or accessories for your horse riding hobby? You might want to check this website at They sell horse riding apparel and accessories like equestrian boots, horse clothing, saddles, grooming supplies and many more. I wish we have horses and big property so we could learn how to ride a horse. My mother in law has horses but I think most of her horses are pretty old and were not trained.

Pool lift

Do you need pool lift for your portable swimming pools? We know that having a pool lift for your portable swimming pool is important as this has been the industry standard for portable swimming pool access. So if you are looking for pool lift, try and check out this website

We love womens shoes

Most women like collecting different kinds of shoes. I myself collect shoes womens love to wear like high heels, wedge heels and gladiator shoes. But I am kind of a picky when it comes to wearing shoes. My feet feel most comfortable when the material insert is cloth . It is sometimes hard to find shoes that have a cloth insert. Most of the time I end up going home without the right shoes that I want.