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Find the right Online Universities for you!

Sometime in July, my mother whom we have been trying to get into the United States will finally come. I am excited and a little bit unprepared to have somebody in our house aside from my husband and kids. Of course, we have plans why we want her. First on the list is, I need her to baby sit my children when I start working. I need to find a job to help my husband support our family, save money, and have him find a better job and go back to school. Yes, my husband really needs to go back to school. I must admit that financially, we are not stable.

There are good Online Universities out there that my husband and I would like to attend. These online universities offer a lot of programs and courses for people who want to study online. My husband would like to study HVAC course or continue his associates degree to bachelor degree. If I would go back to school I would like to study nursing. I know there are online degree programs in nursing too.

Thinking the cost of college is really frus…

Do you need SEO tips for your website?

I have two blogs that I have been maintaining for over 2 years now. Both have Google page rank. I have a pretty good number of visitors a day, so I update my blogs everyday. I write anything I could think of. I am thinking to increase the traffic on my blog. I know some ways to do it. One way that I know is search engine optimization. If you are new to blogging and do not know the meaning of "search engine optimization", let me help you. Search engine optimization is a process of improving the visibility of a website or webpage in search engines. SEO or search engine optimization is important when you have blogs or website that you want to advertise. I came accross a website called CqWen. This website has information about SEO tips ,SEO blog and ideas to increase the traffic on your blog. I kind of a like this website because it has a lot of information about SEO, home, money, internet and personal. My favorite subject of course is money. It is a pretty interesting website…