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Showing posts from July 3, 2011

Trucking software for truck drivers is a great aid to them now

My husband is a truck driver and although he does not drive on the open road anymore there was a time that he did. He could have used dome good trucking software to help him get the job done as quickly and as safely as possible. Things like GPS’s that are designed especially for truck drivers or a number of other things that would have been a great help to him.

My wedding band mishap

Here is a funny story that happened to me on our wedding day at the reception. We were married in the Philippines and at the reception my husband went to the rest room and before washing his hands he removed his wedding band. We he realized that he had forgot to put it back on and went back for it, it was gone. Luckily one of my friends gave us some for a wedding present. I am glad that the one he lost was not an artcarved wedding bands which could have been a significant loss. I still hound him from time to time about it. Hehehe.

POC Carts allow emergency patients to be treated faster

If anyone has been to the emergency room lately you might have noticed the nurse or an aid pushing around a poc cart that had a computer, probably a laptop, on it when taking pertinent information. These carts allow us to be seen faster instead of sitting in the little room giving all of our information before we can get treated. The last time we there at the emergency room there was of those carts which allowed us to get to a room so that our one year old son could be treated as soon as possible.

Diet pills can be a wonder aid in lossing weight

As anyone knows losing weight can be a hard and time consuming task especially if it takes a long time for any results to be seen. Diets can a work but most of the time they fail because we are not dedicated enough to keep with it and stay away from those things that we really enjoy, but are not good enough for us. Thank goodness for diet pills and there ability to help aid us in our arduous task of loosing weight.

Swarovski crystal beads are my second choice for jewelry

There are lots of nice beads out there, but the ones that I think are the best are Swarovski Crystal beads. These beads are made of the finest lead crystal and look the best draped over any woman’s are or neck or anywhere else they might enjoy wearing beads. If I can not have diamonds then Swarovski Crystal beads are what I will accept as a second choice for jewelry.

Happy Birthday to my son

Happy 6th birthday to my son! We love you Sam.