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Showing posts from July 24, 2011

Smooth Documents for your business

When I was working at my previous company, I always had to deal with different kinds of assembly documents because part of my responsibilities was to screen documents. Most of the time I had to help my colleagues in creating document assemblies and sometimes I got tired of doing that because it so time consuming. I found a website called SmoothDocs Document Assembly. I learned that this website is a great tool in creating documents such as business communication, reports and others.

Video games are a great form of entertainment

In my opinion on of the most popular forms entertainment today is video games. There are various ways that an individual can play video games. When video games first hit the seen most people had to go to a place referred to as a “video arcade” in order to play a variety of games. It was not until the advancement of technology where computer components became small enough to fit inside that of a small box to be played in the home. Now thanks to this technology most video arcades are obsolete. In some ways this good because children no longer have to risk their safety in order to have fun.

Another way that technology has improved video gaming is by online play. Now not only can play by yourself or versus the computer players can play others via a web connection to any person in the world. This greatly improves the fun and skill of players. It also allows players to get to know individuals with varying nationalities and backgrounds. Thereby linking the whole world together via a video gam…

Clik here to open would be a useful tool on some hard to open boxes

Sometimes I wish that some things had labeled on them click here to open. Especially those completely sealed packages that most electronics are in. One has to cut through it with a sharp instrument or a pair scissors. Maybe some one should come out with one that you just click the tab and it opens. Instead of risking injury to open the box to get to the product that was just purchased.

My son has a funny shirt

My youngest son who is only 1 year old has several funny shirts that I like him to wear. One of which has the words printed on it that reads “when mom is not here I am the boss”. He has a few others, but I can not remember what they are at this time, but they are quit funny.