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Showing posts from April 29, 2012

Personal Microdermabrasion

I love shopping online. Just a few weeks ago, I found this website called I have watched some of their shows on TV, but I have never tried buying anything from them. Last week, I got very very interested in microdermabrasion. I found out that you can actually buy a personal microdermabrasion for as low as $120.00 only! It is cheaper than going to your Dermatologist and pay $150.00 up per visit. This personal microdermabrasion that I am talking about is called PMD, as shown in the pcture above. I read a lot of good reviews, So last week I decided to buy PMD, I have not received it yet but I can not wait to try it on my face and see if it will help the scars on face fade away.

Colleague's goodbye lunch

Today was my colleagues last day at work. It was pretty sad to think that we will never see him again at work. We spent our last lunch with him at a Mexican Tex-Mex Restaurant. I am not really a fan of Mexican food, but the food that I ordered was okay, of course my lunch with colleagues were great, and my boss paid for everything, so it is awesome. If you are looking for a real Mexican and Texan food, you might want to try that restaurant we went to at lunch today, The name of the restaurant is El Gabacho Tex-Mex Grill in Arlington Texas, their food are great and the environment is nice, clean and descent.