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MXL mics can be a good item to have for radio stations or recording studios.

If one owns or operates a recording studio then microphones are probably an important part of the business. So buy MXL family of recording mics and get good sound every time for every type of artist and their wide ranges of vocals. Even if you run a radio station then a microphone is a very important part of the daily operations so why not have a piece of equipment that will last and work as needed.

My husbands latest phone repair

The latest phone that my husband small business repaired was an iPhone 3gs. The owner had spilled some water on it and caused it to stop working properly. He had to replace the LCD because the back light was shorted out. He had to replace the charging connector because the antenna is contained there and it was not working right and he also had to remove some liquid damage to get the phone operate as desired. Once all of these repairs we done the phone was back to normal and only cost $65 to repair. The customer is very happy because the enjoy using the iPhone over other devices. I am glad that we were able to assist her and make money off of it.